Wednesday, July 14, 2010


When it comes to waiting, I have less patience than my five year old twins at the Post Office during holiday season. And the thing that I'm really disappointed to discover, is that apparently no matter where you are in your writing career, the waiting never actually gets any easier. Not really.

Sure, you KNOW that you'll hear back from your editor eventually. It will be in less than six months because that's when your book is on the schedule for release. But regardless of that contract you have tucked under your pillow, the doubts and anxieties that accompany a submission apparently don't go away. Or I should say... they haven't for me.

I know what you're thinking: At least they've bought from me before. And they have. But that was a different book. And the one they bought after that... it was different too. But this one... what if it's not right? What if it just hasn't hit the mark?? What if I need to scrap it and start from scratch??? What if...

Take my word for it, I can "What If" until the cows come home-- but you get the point. The doubts remain and at times they can be near paralyzing. So what to do besides hand wringing, nail biting, and inbox stalking??

Well, I've done different things at different stages in the game, but gist remains the same: Make the most of my time.

When an editor (or critique partner) has my manuscript, I really don't want to tool around with it until I hear back from her. So once I hit send, I tend to take a day or two off (until I get twitchy to write again), and then I force myself to leave the submitted work completely alone and pick up a new or different project. Something that takes my mind completely off the book I've turned in. Or at least while I'm working on it, it does--there's not a lot I can do about those middle of the night, ceiling staring fret-fests. But in the light of day, my favorite mind-shifting pastime is plotting out a new story. I've usually got an idea that I've been playing with in the back of my mind, and I love that first opportunity to really give in to it and let the story work it's way out through a handfull of hours spent frantically scribbling, while curled up in the corner of my couch. And from there, I go to drafting.

How far I get in the new WIP varies depending on how quickly I hear back from my editor, but the great thing is that even though I know I'm going to have to (temporarily) drop this new story when my revisions come in, I also know that once I've hit SEND again... I have this cool new project started, just waiting for me to pick it up again.

So where am I now? Three weeks into the waiting game. Refusing to give into the urge to email my editor and plead with her to let me keep tweaking my manuscript until she has the time to read it. I have a new book plotted, several scenes sketched out, and the first two chapters written. I won't lie to you. The nerves are a persistant thing, and when I've scratched the writing itch for the day, I'm usually pretty desperate to find another distraction. Fortunately, I have months of movies, books and chit-chat with my friends to catch up on from when I was pushing through to hit my deadline!

Mira's first book, WILD FLING OR A WEDDING RING? is available through ebook.

TABLOID AFFAIR, SECRETLY PREGNANT! will be available in the UK in Nov 2010, with a US release to follow.

Come back next month for FIRST THINGS FIRST as we follow Mira's first year of publication.


  1. I'm not sure if this makes YOU feel any better, but I have to say your post made ME feel better! I'm playing the waiting game right now too, and I have to say, I'm not good at it! Still, the sensible part of me says that firing off impatient emails to busy editors is not the way to make a publishing career take off, so for now I'll sit back...and wait... and for now ignore the fact that the waiting doesn't seem to get any easier, even if/when you DO get published!

  2. Yup, I'm useless at waiting too. But yeah, burying myself in a new story is the way out for me as well. Failing that, watching cr*p TV and whining to my CPs! Lol!

  3. As you know I HATE waiting! Recently with good reason cos the result wasn't joyful - lol! But like you, i think the best way is to get into something new. Even if I take time off, I'm always thinking of the next big thing in my head :)

  4. Can't wait for November.....keep on writing, I'm such a fan! xx

  5. Hi Emmie, Hang in there with your waiting game and good luck!

    Jackie, you've got it down. I forgot to mention the whining, but it's definitely part of the package, lol!

    Rach, the best thing about being a writer is that your head is always busy. Can't wait to hear what you come up with next. :-)

    Thank so much Marilyn! :-)

  6. I do the exact same thing, Mira. Hand it in and move on to the next. SOmetimes I know what I'm going to be writing (if my editor and I have already talked about it) and sometimes I don't. But the easiest way to move on is to fall in love with a new set of characters.

    And I usually take a few days to catch up on housework and admin too. :-) But after a few days I'm itching to get writing again. LOL

  7. Donna, that day or two after I turn in a manuscript is probably the only time I'm ever actually PLEASED to be getting a little housework done, lol. "Ooh, dust! Aren't you easy to take care of!!"

  8. Wouldn't it be lovely if they've read this blogpost and decide to contact you straight away and put you out of your misery?
    The waiting game is devilish hard, I hate it too! All good tips for NTAI though.

  9. You're right, Mira. It's lovely to have another little project to tinker with while you wait. And I find writing so much more addictive than housework!

  10. Sally, as it turns out I did hear from my editor today, lol, and I've got my revision letter in hand :-) Yay!

    Christina, I couldn't agree with you more. Housework ranks low on my fun list. :-)

  11. Hey Mira,
    I hear you, I hear you, I hear you.

    I'm learning just how truly painful waiting is right now, AND also how very bad I am at it! Drama Queen Alert: I sent my full mss in six weeks ago and it's fair to say I am at the stage of being sure it was rubbish and i'm never going to hear from them again.

    But yeah, writing something new is proving to be the best medicine, so I'll keep on keeping on.And being sick every time my email pings. Drama queen? me? Never.;o)

    Can't wait for your next release Mira, I loved Wild Fling or a Wedding Ring. Super Sassy!


  12. Jo, hang in there with the waiting. I'll cross a few toes for you!!