Friday, July 23, 2010

Film Friday - Eclipse

This week Brigid sacrifices herself and brings you back the news from the all that is sparkly, fanged and wolflike

So which team are you? Team Jacob? Team Edward? Which ever you are or even if you are sitting this one out in neutral territory, you can't be unaware of the fact that the third installment of the Twilight Saga has hit the big screen.
Eclipse takes over from where New Moon left off. Edward is back on and Jacob is less than amused that Bella is still with him. I loved the first film, Twilight but was less than impressed with New Moon... even with the amount of flesh on display. I approached the film with low expectations and was pleasantly surprised. There was a wry humour especially from Bella's father and the acting seemed to have stepped up a notch. If you haven't read the books the first 45 minutes will seem very slow. My film watching buddy was shifting in her seat. Then it takes off. Thrills, spills, fangs, wolves, sparkly boys and kissing.

For Team Jacob there is plenty of Jacob on display... I don't think he wears a shirt all movie.

For Team Edward his hair is much less grungy... less sparkle on display but lots of brooding bad boy vibes.

Can't wait to see the next one... (and they've split it into two parts... wooo hooo!)

Film Score = 6/10
Romance Factor = 8/10
Scenery Factor = 11/10

Brigid proudly wears her Team Edward t-shirt as she finishes her YA novel


  1. Went to see this one at 9am in the morning.... Which I blame Ms Abby Green for!! Have to say I still favour the first film which I thought was much more brooding and intense than the other two and managed to make an asset out of the oddly stilted dialogue... Plus I'm getting really annoyed with Bella, time to make your mind up luv!!

    My 12 year old son was equally disappointed saying: "They talked for the whole film about this big battle and then it only lasted five minutes!!"

  2. I much preferred the first film too. I think the sexual tension in it was much better. I put that down to it being a female director. I think she got that this is about the love story NOT the battles.

    Yes, Bella is blimin' annoying!!

  3. I loved Twilight, and have read all the books - the last is my favourite. But the last two films ... ugh!

    Eclipse was so dreary, it was hard to believe anyone who wasn't a die-hard fan would sit through it. Scene after scene that went on FAR too long, with endless conversations about absolutely nothing, or the same topic: 'Make me a vampire!' "No!" etc etc

    The action scenes were a relief, frankly. As were the frequent shots of Jacob's chest. Yes, thank you!