Saturday, June 12, 2010

Wild Card Weekend - High School Sweethearts

Abby Gaines is here for our Wild Card Weekend!

A Shout-Out to All High-School Sweethearts!

Ah, high school. Or should I say, Ugh, high school? I have to admit my fondest memories of those teenage years are all to do with my friends, and very little to do with my love life, which mainly consisted of admiring guys from afar (a long way afar, since I attended an all-girls school) and angsting over such vital questions as, “Do you think he really likes me?” Without the unconditional loyalty of my BFFs (“Absolutely! He’s crazy about you! And if he’s not, he’s a jerk!”), there would have been quite a few desperate moments.

While most of my buddies had their share of love-life ups and downs, a few people avoided years of dating trauma by having the foresight to meet – and more importantly recognize – their soulmate in high school. In fact, several of my friends, most of whom I admittedly met well into adulthood, ended up marrying their high school sweetheart. Some of them started dating in school and just kept on going; others took a break after graduation, then got back together years later.

My good friend and fellow romance author Sandra Hyatt (Silhouette Desire) ended up marrying her high school boyfriend...and I’m pretty sure it’s not just because “he was older and owned a car,” as she romantically explains it! I mean, yeah, the car was probably a nice attention-getter, but I suspect she did meet other guys with cars in the years that followed. So what’s the true appeal of hanging on to your high school hero?

Sandra talks about the inherent strength of a relationship where you’ve been through a lot of changes together – and I think she might have nailed it. It’s quite something in these days of endless change to know what you want and stick with it.

But when it comes to romance novels, which of course thrive on conflict and trouble, our characters are seldom that well- adjusted! My new novella, Chasing the Dream, is out this month in The Memory of a Kiss, the first volume of the new series from Harlequin NASCAR. Chasing the Dream is about two people who were incredibly attracted to each other as teenagers. They both knew they were out of their depth, for different reasons, and chickened out of the relationship. But the memory of that one, extraordinary kiss they shared stayed with them both. Unfortunately, as Jeb, my hero, discovers, recapturing that moment is not as simple as one might hope.

So today, I want to salute all those high school honeys! And if any of you have any thoughts on the pluses and minuses of rekindling an old romance (surely there’s a risk of major disappointment!?), I’d love to hear them.

One commenter will win a copy of A Memory of a Kiss, which contains two novellas about love rekindled.


  1. Sorry. I have no ideas about rekindling old romances. Never been there. Never done that.

    What I DO recall is way back in 1975 in my Grade 11 Science class. I hated Science. But there was this guy, Charlie, who made going to class worthwhile. My GF, Marlene, and I purposely moved from the front of the class (yeah, we usually sat at the front so we wouldn't be disturbed by the antics in the back) to sit behind dear Charlie. It worked! Sort of.... It was Charlie and Marlene who dated throughout high school and wed after graduation in 1976. They're still living their HEA. And I have my own HEA. All is good.

    I DID write an old BF's father when the mother died last year, and the father showed the son the card. Said son phoned me to catch up, now 20 years later, and I enjoyed our chat. He is married, as am I. He wanted to meet for a coffee to continue our conversation and I gave an emphatic no. It's one thing to talk over the phone, but I don't think it's fair to our spouses to actually meet, unless they are with us, and that wasn't his intent. It had nothing to do with a "risk of major disappointment" that you mentioned above. Just common sense, honesty, and respect of my spouse's feelings.

  2. Laney4, that's funny about your friend getting the guy! I'm writing a book about that at the moment, a heroine whose BFF wins the heroine's crush... And, yeah, I agree with you about not meeting up with the ex.

  3. I married my college sweetheart... does that count?

    But my high school reunion is two weeks from tomorrow. Two ex-boyfriends and two ex-crushes will be there. In other words, four guys I'm glad I didn't marry!

    Hmm, change a few details, and I've got the start of a fun book!

  4. Hi Abby - have just tonight started Memory of a Kiss - loving it!

    Re: my own high school sweetheart, it's strange to think that I've now spent almost two thirds of my life with him.

  5. No High School Sweethearts for me (honestly you want to have seen the guys I went to school with!). Plenty of exs tripping about and facebook is a wonderful reality check to see how they all turned out!

  6. I married my high school sweetheart and we celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary last month. My book - Just Look at Me Now which releases in August is about a girl who meets up with her highschool crush and the girl who used to bully her only now it's ten years later. It was such fun to write and reminded me so much of school life especially as all my daughters are at highschool now.

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  8. high school romances:
    this one guy gave me his ring and I wore it after I left home, at school until I got close to home and the school bus was stopping. One day out of the blue this girl comes up to me and says that the guy said she could have it and I should give it to her. I did. There would have been questions asked if it had been seen by my parents. I didn't start dating until I was almost 17 or even 17.
    I did meet up with the guy whose ring I had quite a few years later and it was good.

  9. I'm still friends via Facebook with a guy I dated in HS. (not a serious exclusive relationship) That's as close as I want to get.

  10. I married my university boyfriend and it is nice not to have to provide footnotes to so many events/people/places since he knows them too!

  11. Kimberly, that really does sound like a fun start to a book! Not sure what I'd do if I had 4 high school exes in one!

    Sandra, that's actually a really nice thought. I've spent over half my life with my hubby...yay!

  12. Susan, I never thought of checking them out on Facebook...interesting idea (note to self: must resist temptation to spend the day visiting crushes on social media instead of working...)

    Nell, your book sounds cool! I'll look out for it in August.

  13. Robyn, lol, funny story re the ring...

    Laurie, that sounds about close enough :)

    Alison, there's definitely an advantage in shared history!

  14. I married my high school sweetheart...3 kids and 15 years later it was the best decision I've ever made - even though I was 18. Now that we have kids, the idea of them getting married at 18 makes us cringe!

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