Saturday, June 19, 2010

Wild Card Weekend - Delicious Men!

Harlequin American Author CC Coburn is here to talk about Delicious Men  - and What to Do with Them!

One of the wonderful things about being an author is you can live your life a little vicariously through your heroine.

Fancy a bit of Gerard Butler? Brad Pitt? Sean Connery? (Okay, forget I said that, he’s getting a bit long in the tooth). How about Matthew McConaughey? Chris Noth? George Clooney? Russell Crowe? The list is endless of the men I’d like a bit of. (Quick glance over the shoulder to make sure my husband isn’t behind me!)

But seriously ladies, we all have about as much chance of getting a bit of these guys as flying to the moon. So what could be better (and far less hassle) than imagining them as our heroes?

Of course, one can’t be lazy and say, “He looked like Brad Pitt, except he had silky black hair.” (ugh!) Read something like that once and thought, how lazy can you be? And what if the reader didn’t like Brad? Then they wouldn’t be able to get away from that image. Far better to use a hunky likeness as a template and let the reader fill in the blanks.

My five book series for Harlequin American Romance, The O’Malley Men, features (wait for it!) FIVE brothers! Of Irish American heritage these dark-haired hunks were a delight to imagine curling up with.

Actor Eddie Cibrian (that muscley, dimply-smiled firefighter from Third Watch and now starring in CSI Miami) was my inspiration for Will, the carefree hero of my debut novel, “Colorado Christmas”. Cibrian’s dimples are enough to make any woman go warm and gooey inside and Will’s easy smile was a large part of his initial attraction for the heroine, Becky.

Another CSI actor, George Eads who plays Nick Stokes, was the model for “The Sheriff and the Baby”. I had a clear picture of this gorgeous dark-eyed hunk holding a baby in his arms. Nothing would get past this guy that could harm either the heroine or her daughter when he was around. Again, he has yummy dimples… hey! it’s an O’Malley family trait!

Chris Meloni, the brooding detective from Law and Order SVU was perfect for Luke, the oldest brother who runs the family ranch in “Colorado Cowboy”. Meloni projects that sensitive balance between an over-protective alpha and a man deeply hurt by his past, whose world is turned upside-down when he learns he has an illegitimate son in trouble with the law. (Excuse me a minute, have to go and wipe the drool off my chin – have just found a rather er… revealing pic of him in google images.) Can’t post it here ’cos it’s a wee bit naughty, but type - Chris Meloni Oz into google, then go to images and see the one called Hot Guy Monday – phew!!!

For ex-priest, Jack, who has inherited his mother’s blue eyes, I’ve gone for Gerard Butler ( preferably without the face fuzz, but I can’t find a pic without it!) This guy would make a fantastic priest because he can look both chaste and tempting all at once. Maybe I should write to his agent and tell them to be on the lookout for a script for Gerard that involves him in a cassock and necktie thing – woo hoo! Maybe I should write to his agent and tell him I have a book that would make a brilliant movie with Gerard as a virgin ex-priest? (snort!)

Now, the brother I’m having real trouble with is fire-fighter, Adam. He’s the youngest of the O’Malley boys and being a fire-fighter naturally he’s well-muscled. He also has the O’Malley dimples and dark eyes.

I’m giving away a signed copy of my latest novel to the commenter who can help me come up with a suitable model for Adam. So at it ladies! I’m desperate…



  1. Vin Diesel?

    I dunno. I'm not very good at these things. I just appreciate the pictures others show me!

    It's like being a good cook. You can either cook it well or enjoy eating it -- both are necessary components. Maybe a better correlation would be Olympians -- what good would they be if no one watched? (Well, probably they'd still be pretty good, but there probably wouldn't be as many of them!)

    I'm nattering. Must be my bedtime. Sorry about that!

  2. Hahaha I just watched the movie Fireproof yesterday, starring Kirk Cameron as a firefighter, so he instantly came to mind. Unfortunately though, he doesn't have dark eyes. So, here are two suggestions off the top of my head: Ashton Kutcher and Brody Jenner. If I think of anymore, I'll post another comment!

  3. Hi CC - how about James Purefoy? Someone pointed me to a YouTube showreel of him the other day, set to that tune 'Hero'. Sadly, as I'm a technological dimwit I can't find the link to post it to you now. If you can find it, it's definitely worth a look - or two, or three...

  4. Joshua Jackson ... think grown up Pacey from Dawson's Creek as a firefighter. He's the kind of guy you know will be there when the going gets tough, and his smile will melt your heart every time.

  5. Laney, Laney, Laney... (shaking head) Vin Diesel? (she screeches!) :-) I can't get past the bald/shaved head. Like you said Laney, better for you to stick to appreciating others pictures. :-)
    I hope you like the ones I came up with?

  6. Denise, they're great suggestions, and please do post more if you think of them (meanwhile, I'm off to google them!)

  7. Christina and Caroline! The suggestions are coming thick and fast, too many men - so little time... (but I CAN do it!) :-)
    CC - off to really get into some searching - what fun!

  8. Oh, any excuse to look at pics of hunks. I like a young Liam Neeson. That hawkish nose is strong, his whole face is strong. Intense eyes, yum. I know he's not so dark but, hey, he's Irish. Or Ralph Fiennes. Or what about this babe, er, gorgeous young man:

  9. Hey CC,
    How about the real firefighters on calendars... like this one -

    Kind of authentic, muscley, yummm...


  10. Woo hoo Louise, he is HOT! :-)
    However, Liam never did it for me and still doesn't - although he's getting better with age. :-)

    Cahterine I'm ordering that calendar as we speak (all in the name of research you understand, like... I need to know what day of the week my birthday falls this year :-))

  11. What happened to the virgin priest you promised me you were writing? I'd rather think of guys to play him.

  12. Hi CC, what about Ryan Reynolds who co-starred with Sandra Bullock in The Proposal?
    I thought he was gorgeous--handsome, but not too handsome if you know what I mean!
    Bradley Cooper, another co-star of Sandra Bullock is also v. attractive.
    I think your O'Malley men are super good looking, romance heros but not pretty boys. I
    am voting for Ryan.

  13. Ooh, I dropped over to suggest Mark Purefoy but I see I've been beaten to the punch:-)) Waves to Christina!

    Here's that link, btw.


  14. Hi CC.

    Hollywood, pumping iron, airbrushed and water sprayed, no bruises look doesn’t cut it in Colorado. O’Malley men workout chopping wood, lifting rocks. Without a shirt.

    I’ve been trying to remember how old this ‘baby’ O’Malley, Fire Fighter, would have to be. I’m sure he’s just like Guilherme Marchi ---

    Can’t be pushing thirty. No worries. We’ll go with ‘a baby,’ Austin Meier ---

    Good luck with the writing, Erin

  15. What was I thinking?? James Purefoy. Who the hell is Mark? (Mind you, if he's anything like his brother, he's a keeper too:-))

  16. Cathleen, did you not read my blog bit??? I've got Gerard Butler for him atm, but am rethinking as I really need someone with blacker hair and blue eyes for the virgin ex-priest. :-) There used to be some guy on a tiv show but I can't remember either the name of the show nor him! Please help? :-)

  17. Kandy, that Ryan Reynolds is weird looking! Absolutely not firefighter material - nor O'Malley! :-) You can do better. :-)

  18. Thanks Trish, he has possibilities but I think he's a bit old. I'm leaning towards Ashton Kucher (more recently - not when he was a baby!) He's got that little boy innocence about him. Hard to describe isn't it?

  19. Hi Erin, I checked them out and they don't cut the mustard - or the firehose or something. :-)

    But thanks for trying!

  20. LOL, Trish! Yes, collect as many brtohers of delicious men as you can. :-)

  21. Hi C.C.
    Rodrigo Santoro - what a hunk!
    If you google his name you'll find other pics too. He was Karl in Love, Actually and also in Lost (never watched the show but forced myself just to see him...)

    I LOVED Colorado Christmas and can't wait to read about the other O'Malley brothers!!

  22. I actually have a model agency website I like to use when I hunt for my hunks. (I'm very visual, too, and I need a photo to work from. )

    Here's where I go hero shopping:

    Happy hero hunting!

  23. Whew! I'm fanning myself after looking at all those pics. Enjoy looking at all the eye candy as you try and find Adam. There is this model I see a lot in magazines in an ad--forget what he advertises though. He is totally dreamy with very dark eyes.

    Cher :-)

  24. ooh, Serena! Hubba hubba! Rodrigo Santoro is delish. I loved him in Love, Actually. :-)

    Hi Susan! thank you so much for sharing - that's a fantastic site. Do you just save the pic of the one you fancy :-) from the site and put it into a my pics file?

    cher, you can't torture me by suggesting someone and then not sollowing through! Tell you what, if you see him again, let me know which mag. and I'll get a copy since I'll be in CO soon!
    Enjoy those darling puppies of yours!

  25. I usually use Word Publisher to create a collage -- one for my hero, one for my heroine, and one for them together. And then I save them in the file for the book.

  26. I thought of two more possibilities: Dave Annable from the show "Brothers and Sisters", and Justin Mentell, who passed away in February but used to be on the show "Boston Legal". Dave Annable sometimes looks a bit older than his years, while Justin Mentell usually looked younger. I don't think either are/were super buff, but they both seem/seemed toned.

  27. The first one that comes to mind for me is Josh Dumall from Vegas and Transformers fame. I probably didn't spell his name right, my daughters could tell me if they were available, they think he's HOT.

  28. Hi Susan and thanks for that, will check if I have publsiher and if I don't will get it loaded. :-)

    Denise, Dave Annable looks like someone little brother (really LITTLE brother) :-) and after reading how the other one died, not sure i want to have as a hero example someone who died because he wasn't wearing his his seat belt.
    Your suggestions of Ashton and Brody are still about top of my list!

    Linda, I agree that Josh is pretty hunky, but also maybe just too "pretty" :-) But at leat he has borad shoulders. Broad shoulders are GOOD! :-)

  29. And the winner is.... Christina, for introducing me to James Purefoy - woo, what a hottie! Sorry, Trish his brother "Mark" didn't make it. If you can contact me via my website please Christina, I'll get a copy of "The Sheriff and the Baby" into the post for you!
    Thanks everyone for your great suggestions. I'll keep them in mind for another time.

  30. Hey if you want a gorgeous guy look no further than Iker Casillas the spanish and real madrid goalkeeper- he is sexiness personified!!!!!