Friday, June 18, 2010

Must-Watch Friday - 300

Modern Heat author Heidi Rice watches the brutal, blood-thirsty and shockingly graphic battle drama set in Ancient Greece and discovers an epic tale of love and death and heroic self-sacrifice (and some very nice abs) underneath all the bloodshed.

Okay, so 300 is hardly our average Must-Watch Friday movie on The Pink Heart Society. It's not pink, it's certainly not fluffy and there isn't a whole lot of love in it... In fact I'll make no bones about it, this is a very violent movie. There's enough blood, guts and severed limbs here to stock several abattoirs, so you do need to have a pretty strong stomach to watch it. That said, I'm not a person who enjoys watching violence on film, but I have to admit I was glued to this movie. Shocked, yes. Occassionally sickened, but also rapt throughout. And not just because of the huge number of gorgeous buff male bodies on display (although they certainly didn't hurt).

So why was I so enamoured by this epic battle drama? Maybe because it tells such a simple story — the defense of Greece by 300 battle-hardened Spartans against an invading force of hundreds of thousands of Persians — with such macho intensity (nearly the whole film is taken up with the relentless to-the-death combat at Thermopylae). Maybe because it deals with raw human emotion - bravery, loyalty, fear, grief anger and even love — in its most basic form. Maybe because it is filmed using sepia-toned CGI-enhanced imagery which is both breathtaking explicit and yet at the same time lyrically mythic (director Zack Snyder made the equally stylised The Watchmen straight afterwards). Or probably all of the above.

And then there's the performances which are at once gloriously over-the-top as the Greek Tragedy demands, and yet have key moments of subtlety. One of the few romantic scenes, when Gerard Butler's King Leonidas makes love to his queen (brilliantly played by Lena Headey) on the eve of the battle he knows he must fight but cannot possibly win, is both beautifully sensual and yet at the same time believably earthy and erotic.

When all's said and done, this is definitely a guy movie... There's even a distinct element of homo-eroticism about the Spartans as they charge into battle with their phenomenal six-packs, heavily muscled physiques and very small leather pants!! But personally I found the unashamed machismo of the movie remarkably addictive... And then there were all those buff mostly-naked male bodies to enjoy (or have I mentioned that already??)

So, my final verdict on 300... Not one to watch between meals without loosing your appetite. And about as PC as Atilla the Hun (the depiction of people with disabilities and the 'muslim hordes' was offensively grotesque). But still a remarkably captivating and exhilarating epic which brings Ancient History to life... with a capital T for testosterone!

Heidi Rice is currently working on her ninth Modern Heat novel - when she's not admiring Gerard Butler's naked torso. Her eighth book, Surf Sea and a Sexy Stranger, is due out this December, while her current Modern Heat release, Unfinished Business with the Duke, is still out in shops in the UK and is due out as a Harlequin Presents Extra in the US come October.

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  1. Sounds like an ideal Father's Day treat, Heidi. I love the effect from the stills, but like you I'm not keen on too much gore. If OH and I watch this together, he'll be coming WITH his shield and I'll be ON mine, I think! ;)

  2. 300 though is definitely one to watch if you have teenaged boys! The filming which echoes the graphic novel that inspired the film with its sepia tones and bright red accents is great. And the story is piognant. Plus there is the added bonous of Gerald Butler...

  3. Ah interesting Michelle, figured it might have been inspired by a graphic novel, definitely had that ethereal look about it. Beautifully shot, and yes, remarkably poignant at times....

    But be warned Christine this is gore times ten!!

    Wish I could get my husband to watch it with those leather pants on... And his shield of course LOL

  4. Gerard Butler at his finest in my humble opinion. Films like this make me glad to have installed Sky Plus. Some scenes absolutely warrant a second peek, some a third...

    Very graphic, very exhillerating and very very sexy. Lena was the star of this show though, what a heroine.

  5. This wouldn't normally have appealed to me, but you had me at Gerard Butler.

    Might seek it out over the weekend and appear like a good wife agreeing to watch a boy movie. ;o)


  6. Good point Aideen, I think Lena did an amazing job. Even just getting noticed amongst all that testosterone was pretty impressive, but she came across as one of the strongest characters.

    Oh yeah, Joanne, definitely a boy movie.. But there are more than a few compensations there for us girls!