Monday, June 28, 2010

Male on Monday : Mr. Fix It

Every Monday The Pink Heart Society delivers a delicious male speciman for your ogling pleasure...but on occasion we ask you to have a little thought along with your dose of testosterone. What makes a hero...a hero?

It's the rescue. While in real life we want our XYs to listen and not try to fix everything all the time, in our books and movies we want a fixer. We want our heroine friends to have an easier time of things because of the man who rides into her life on a white horse...or a Harley.

Surgeons are a popular hero choice because they literally save lives and fix problems. Very attractive. But in real life...surgeons put their hands inside people and that's not normal. They aren't the sanest bunch. Kind of like writers who have entire worlds going on in their heads. A couple of them at any given time. :D

Detectives are another recurring theme. They don't know what happened, but they are sure going to find out and justice will be served. Swiftly. This usually involves something scary our heroine slipped into, but I'd take a side order of one right now to find my car keys.

Or, you know, buy me a new car. That's the lure of billionaires. They can cure every financial yearning our friend the heroine has. Student loans, motgages, credit card debt from an annoying ex -- all disappear in a fast swipe of his American Express and then it's off on his yacht to a private island for a little R & R. Hey, a girl can dream...

And then there is the real Mr. Fix It - the builder, construction worker, rough around the edges and good with his hands. They can literally fix it. And our heroine can watch from behind her sunglasses while sipping a glass of tea. (Isabel Sharpe does a brilliant job of this in Indulge Me, FYI) And ya know...I could use one to work on my fence...

But, while they are fabulous in fiction, these men on action might not be the easiest to live with. My man unit spent last night helping me talk a friend down from the pinacles of listening to her. I'm sure my fence would get fixed faster, and I'd have a newer car with ever-present car keys...but sometimes the heroes in real life are even better than those designed to please.

Compromising Positions just finalled in the Passionate Plume Contest. Was it the Kama Sutra yoga class, the chocolate, or something even more decadent that earned the honor? Check out Jenna's website and blog for more about her stories.

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