Monday, June 21, 2010

Male on Monday - Laurence Fox

Brigid Coady explains why there is something so attractive about a Fox

If any of you follow me on Twitter (@beecee) you will have been aware that for the last month I have been indulging, some might say over indulging, in a watching fest of Lewis. Lewis for those in the UK or Inspector Lewis for our North American chums is a detective series and a spin off of the very successful Morse series. Now some people are a fan of Lewis himself played by Kevin Whatley. They may keep Mr Whatley as I am currently obsessed by his Detective Sergeant, James Hathaway. Now whether it is Hathaway or Laurence Fox the gentleman who plays him I don't know. All I know that there is something about the tall, laconic, swaggering blond which has turned my head.
Laurence Fox or Lol as he is known comes with a fine acting pedigree. His father is actor James Fox, his uncle is Edward Fox and his cousin Emilia Fox. He was a tad rebellious at school and was kicked out of Harrow and also had a difficult time at RADA before he got his first break in the film The Hole alongside Keira Knightley and then in Gosford Park.

After playing a number of German and British soldiers, his performance in Colditz (2005) was noticed. This led to his being offered the role in Lewis, four series of which have been produced and aired between 2006 and 2010. Lol has portrayed Charles, Prince of Wales, in Whatever Love Means (2005); Wisley, one of Jane Austen's suitors, in Becoming Jane (2007); and Sir Christopher Hatton, the Lord Chancellor of England in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, also released in 2007. In addition, that year Fox was seen on ITV as Cecil Vyse in Andrew Davies' adaptation of A Room with a View based on E.M. Forster's 1908 novel.
On stage, Fox has appeared in Shaw's Mrs Warren's Profession (2002), John Ford's 'Tis Pity She's a Whore (2005), and Christopher Hampton's Treats (2006–2007).
It was when he was in Treats that he met Billie Piper (curses) they married on 31 December 2007. On 21 October 2008 Piper gave birth to a son, Winston James Fox.
Now I have been told there is a vague similarity between myself and the lovely Mrs Fox (shave off 11 years and many many pounds) which shows his obvious good taste in the fairer sex.
But I am still not sure whether it is the Fox I fancy or whether the dry, guitar playing, former seminary student, Hathaway has turned my head. Either way I get a blast of inspiration

When Brigid isn't watching her box sets of Lewis and googling Mr Fox she is working on rewriting her YA Novel and waiting to find out when her short story 'The Great Leap Forward' will be published in the short story anthology 'Even More Tonto Short Stories'


  1. Definitely the character of James Hathaway. From what I gather, his personal life it entirely different. A credit to his talent as an actor. I am however, a bit puzzled with the direction they are taking him in season 4. I like the sarcastic and mysterious Hathaway much better. If they continue to reveal more, he will loose the enigma and the appeal. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Oh yes - I always knew you had great taste Biddy - and not just in small grey and white cats! Oh well, I've learned to share Dylan with you so I suppose I'll have to share the foxy Laurence with you too.


  3. Hi Laurel Ann - I think you are right, it is the character of Hathaway. I live in hope that in fifteen years time we will have another spin off called 'Hathaway'. A girl can dream.

    Kate - great minds think alike! Love and hugs to Dylan (and of course you, The Babe Magnet, Flora and Sid)


  4. He's almost taken Morse's role of posh classical music lover, although of course I never really fancied Morse that much.

    I wonder who he played in 'Tis Pity? I could quite see him as Giovanni.

    And yes, I can see that about Billie. You have the same mouth, I think.

  5. I love him as Hathaway...not so much in Foyle's War. Hathaway is a bundle of contradictions...from seminary to cop...what fun. I love his 'tutoring' of Lewis, and his loyalty. One of my favorite scenes so far is of Hathaway and Lewis walking down the street after solving a case. Hathaway explains his music, then shares an earbud of his iPod with Lewis...the bond is so sweet.
    Thanks, Brigid

  6. Kate - I think Hathaway is more posh world music lover!

    Carol - I love that scene as well. I also love all those little endings especially the one where his sexuality had been questioned and there had been discussions that being heterosexual was more than Reading Nuts and eating Yorkie bars. End of programme Hathaway has Nuts and a yorkie.

  7. Writing this post has made me revisit the pilot episode. Ahhhh Hathaway, how I love thee... let me count the ways.

  8. I hadn't realised he was in Foyle's War. But then it's such a Top Pick of British acting it's easy to forget who was in earlier episodes.

    Clearly, he suits period roles!

    (And I loved the Nuts & Yorkie bar scene, too.)

  9. Ladies, not to be the Lewis police or anything, but the quotes from the episode "Life Born of Fire" is "read Loaded and eat Yorkie bars" Not being a Brit, I did not understand the reference when I first heard it. I was informed that Loaded is a men's magazine and Yorkie bars are chocolate marketed to men in the UK. Anyway, I do share you passion for Lewis and Hathaway and can now slink into the corner and hide in embarrassment that I know enough about this series from memory than any woman my age should admit. ;-)

  10. i love Hathaway. he is fit, and clever. my fav episode is the dead of winter where he finds love.