Monday, June 14, 2010

Male on Monday: The Aussie Male

Silhouette Desire author Paula Roe looks at some of the lesser known of the Aussie talent..but equally hot!
Well, looky here! I stuck up my hand for today's post, not realizing that it co-incided with Male on Monday. And as I've just finished writing my next book that features yet another gorgeous Aussie hero, I thought I'd talk about some of our little-known local talent from Down Under.
Yes, everyone's heard about Heath and Russell and Hugh. But wait... there's many more yummy guys in this great southern land to drool over! Like:
Axle Whitehead - former Australian Idol contestant and host of Video Hits, this 30yo sometime actor is outspoken, bold and known for flashing the audience on national television. Check out a local interview with him here:
Firass Dirani - this 26 yo actor is one of the stars in our hugely popular Underbelly mini series about real life and crime in Sydney's Kings Cross. Firass was also Cleo Magazine's Bachelor of the Year 2010.

Dean Guyer - another Aussie Idol hopeful (man, we get the cutest guys!), Dean did a stint on Neighbours (world-wide soap phenomenon) and is now back to what he does best... singing. Want to see him in action? Check out his video of “If You Don’t Mean It” on You Tube.
Matt Cooper - what would a hot Aussie guy list be without a football player? Yes, many of the pretty ones have that bad boy thing down pat, but let's face it girls, sometimes you need a little danger in your life! Sydney is the capital of rugby league, so I waded through pages upon pages of hot NRL men (you can thank me later) to bring you Matt Cooper. Here he is doing a shoot for..... um... someone - sorry, I forgot where I was for a minute. In fact, I had a hard time choosing just one - those footy guys are sssssmokin' (Cooper Cronk, Sonny Bill Williams, Billy Slater, to name a few... :sigh:).
So, do you have a favorite non-famous hot male? Tell us (and provide a link where we can drool!) and you could win a copy of my Favorite Short Category Romance for 2009 (as voted by the Australian Romance Readers Association), The Magnate’s Baby Promise.
Paula’s next Desire release (The Billionaire Baby Bombshell) is out in the States now, and in Australia/NZ in July. You can learn more about Paula on her website.


  1. Hi Paula,
    They sure are hotties, but a bit young for me, so I'll be kind and leave them for you! ;-)
    I'm blogging on hunks to play my heroes at the end of the week on PHS so will save my drool-worthy guys for then if that's okay? But seriously, the guy can be total candy on the outside, but what makes it for me is that great big sex organ between the ears!
    Feeling kindly to my own hunk atm 'cos as I slid between the sheets the other night holding my breath, dreading what was to come (how cold the bed would be!) I discovered it lovely and warm and toasty welcome! And no, it wasn't his bod that was doing it, but he'd been kind enough to haul the electric blanket out of the cupboard (he doesn't use one so it's a single!) and turned it on to high. Bliss! (remind me to reward him for that some time soon.)

  2. awww, CC, that's a true hero! Can't believe you get that cold up there, either! It was -1 the other night here :(

  3. Hi Paula,
    Ooh so many gorgeous hunks. I wouldn't know which one to choose. So, being greedy, I'll take them all, thanks.


  4. Hi,

    Ha ha, now Axle Whitehead is gracing our TV screens in the soap Home & Away, so do get to ogle him quite a bit. He has a lovely deep timbre to voice. Very yummy!

    The others, haven't encountered them yet. All look dishy though.

  5. Hi Margaret! Of course you can have 'em all! I also forgot Bondi Vet, Chris Brown. New season starts in July and this gorgeous guy is tall, built, blond and loves animals. Can't ask for more than that!

    Francine - you lucky duck ;-) Axle is a cutie (I have a thing for bad boys!).

  6. all hot men
    love them all
    like keith urban


  7. okay, the winner is Francine - email me at paula (at) paularoe dot com and I'll mail off your book prize!