Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pink Heart Picks Book Club - MORE THAN WORDS

May's pick was the MORE THAN WORDS 6 Anthology!

MORE THAN WORDS is a charitable endeavour by Harlequin Enterprises which honours women who have made outstanding contributions to their communities.  Every year five charities and women are honoured and five best-selling authors are asked to write a story highlighting that cause  (You can read more about the MORE THAN WORDS program HERE).  This year's authors are Joan Johnston, Robyn Carr, Christina Skye, Rochelle Alers and Maureen Child.

I have to say I enjoyed this book SO much, and I don't always say that about novellas.  Novellas are tough - and in these stories not only is there a satisfying romance but there is the added need to do it RIGHT and to focus on a particular issue.  As a writer - I say major congrats to the authors for doing such a brilliant job!  As a reader, I say thank you for five wonderful reads.

I started with Joan Johnston's ALMOST LOST - which had me in tears, and I ended with Maureen Child's THE PRINCESS SHOES.  Very different causes and stories but lovely heartstrings moments.  Joan's story dealt with the issue of teenagers being recruited into the sex trade - as the mom of a nearly-teen daughter, that hit particularly close to home.  Maureen's story was about children without good shoes.  Perhaps it seems like a smaller need, but I've also worked in a school and I have seen how poverty affects a child.  The girl Kara in that story stole the show - loved her.  What a sweetie.

SAFELY HOME by Christina Skye was a little more suspenseful and the hero Jesse was YUM (not to mention I am now craving Pecan Pie, thanks Christina!) - it was a great read and dealt with an organization for seniors that allows them to use their own unique skills to help each other.  Rochelle Alers's NO LIMITS, with a great couple who had been married and divorced and on the way to providing needy kids with computers fell in love again.

Then it was on to Robyn Carr's SHELTERING HEARTS with one spunky heroine and a sexy firefighter who gave assistance to single mom's.  I really felt this one personally as Dory stepped in when a woman was being abused in the parking lot.  I ended up in a similar situation many years ago and was asked the same question - why would you step in to help?  And the same answer.  You just do.  You think about it later. But you cannot stand by and watch someone being abused.  So cheers to Robyn and the Zoe Institute for their great work.

All proceeds from the MORE THAN WORDS antho go back into the MORE THAN WORDS program.  It's a worthwhile cause and a great reading experience.  I'll admit - I discovered some new to me authors too.

What did you all think? 


In June we'll be reading from the Harlequin MEDICAL line - THE SURGEON'S MIRACLE by Caroline Anderson!!!!!!!!!!!  We'll meet back here on June 29 to discuss the book - happy reading!

For those in North America who have difficulty finding the MEDICAL line, you can order from amazon or from eharlequin, and if you're into e-books it's even easier. :-)  I'm downloading my copy on to my Sony.


  1. I shall have to get this.
    I am a big fan of the Word than Words programme which seeks to highlight some extraordinary women.

    It sounds like a great read.

  2. Sadly I couldn't get a copy of this book in time (shame, because it sounds fabulous) but I've got June's pick ordered already.