Monday, May 24, 2010

Male On Monday:Clive Owen

HelenKay Dimon looks at the rough v the smooth

Some men are downright pretty. The most obvious example is Rob Lowe. I was a teenager when St. Elmo's Fire came out. Girls everywhere swooned at the sight of him. Admittedly, he is good looking. Very much so. Heck, twenty-five years later he's still ridiculously attractive. [Yeah, it's been that long since the movie came out – I feel old, too.] Watching him in the tv show Brothers & Sisters, it's easy to wonder if time passes slower in Lowe's world. The combination of that smile and the bright eyes is pretty powerful. The fact he looks as if he's been sitting in a gravity-free room for a decade doesn’t hurt either. I often wonder how I aged and he didn't. Doesn’t seem fair...

While everyone else drooled over Lowe, I had a thing for Andrew McCarthy, another Brat Pack member. He was attractive but in a different way. There's something understated about him. The teen version of me imagined McCarthy as a funny and faithful boyfriend. The adult version of him seems just as solid. Even now, I doubt he'd take more time getting ready to go out than I would. He doesn't strike me as fussy, and I like that in a guy.

Two guys and two very different looks. While I never went for the overtly pretty boy like Lowe, I can appreciate how attractive he is. But my taste clearly runs in a different direction these days. I prefer the "rough around the edges" type. I write this type. You know what I'm talking about. He's the brooding guy with dark hair who says more with a look than most guys say in two hours of conversation. He'll bend the rules to rescue the heroine and then make her breakfast afterward. He's a little mysterious, strong, smart and deep. He's a guy who is a little wild but very worth the effort. He's the guy you think you should resist but you can't.

I have two words: Clive Owen.

Ah, yes. Clive. He can look refined but seems to have a touch of a bad boy inside him, doesn’t he? He doesn’t have a perfect face. He actually looks like he's been in a bar fight or two, but that's part of his charm. His accent, the firm jaw, the slight swagger, his eyes...I could go on but I think you get the idea.

Clive Owen is not a pretty boy. He is wildly attractive in a way that telegraphs strength, but there's more. Something bubbles under the surface. You just know he could explode into action if he had to. He gives off a protective vibe and borders on being out of control. He also seems secure enough in his masculinity to handle a strong woman. He's "rough around the edges" attractive. Tough, sexy and oh so compelling.

Helen Kay Dimon is an award winning author of romance and romantic suspense as well as being a Clive Owen fan. You can learn more about HelenKay at her website. Her latest Harlequin Intrigue Night Moves is a June 2010 release


  1. Okay, I'm going to do my usual name-dropping thing and say I saw Clive Owen in the flesh a couple of times because he lives in North London and used to take his kids to the fabulous local puppet theatre.

    Gotta adore a guy who can still manage to look tall, dark, handsome and broodingly sexy surrounded by little girls shouting Daddy at him!!

    Heidi x

  2. Heidi --
    That is a wonderful image.

    Like HelenKay I like the bit of rough -- tall dark and dangerous.

  3. I adore Clive Owen. He's attractive but in a rough, masculine way that I find so incredibly sexy. I've never gone for pretty boys like Rob Lowe. I'd be afraid that he'd use up all my skincare and hair products.

  4. Heidi - I am beyond jealous! Also thinking about getting on a plane and coming to your house. I could wait there until I see him. You wouldn't mind, would you? :)

    Michelle - You wanna come with me to Heidi's house...?

    Elizabeth - Exactly! Now, objectively Lowe is good looking. I'm pretty sure he made a deal with the Dark Side to still look like that, but it's the kind of good looking that doesn't really do much for me.

  5. Add me to the jealous-of-Heidi club!

    I so prefer a hero who's a little rough around the edges. Nothing against the pretty boys (I mean, what's not to like about someone like Jensen Ackles), but I like my men to have stronger, less than perfect features. Like Clive

    My favorite look for him, btw, was as the assassin in Bourne. He wore a mean pair of glasses.