Monday, May 31, 2010

Male On Monday with Julie Leto

I’m terrible at following who’s who in the celebrity world. I’ll watch a show and fall head over heels in love with an actor, but unless I’ve seen him a gazillion times, I usually forget him in the next hour or so. I’m fickle that way. I have a few actors that I swoon over on a regular basis, but most of them are my age and therefore, not exactly hero material when it comes to “picking” an actor to represent the hero of my books, something I like to do when I’m in the creative stages of putting together a story.

There are, however, a few exceptions. Like this one:

Sendhil Ramamurthy plays Dr. Mohinder Suresh on the NBC show, Heroes, which I watched for the first season with crazy devotion. The second season, not so much, but I did tune in to see this dark-eyed god. He wasn’t even sexy on the show...but there was something about his eyes that just captured me. I decided then and there that I wanted to do a sexy, Indian hero and I finally got the chance in my latest book, which is a 3-in-1 collection of connected novellas for the Blaze Encounters mini-series. Sendhil became Ajay Singh, the billionaire owner of a tech company who has avoided arranged marriages by enjoying a playboy lifestyle that precludes dating a woman more than once. Ever.

The sensuality in the actor’s eyes made him perfect for Ajay. I wanted someone who had a casual confidence, was a little nerdy, but still could pull off the role of a hedonistic playboy. And you know, the Kama Sutra didn’t come from our Hindu neighbors for nothing.

The next role in the 3-in-1 called for someone young and hot, but casual. Since the second story in the collection is a December-May romance with an older heroine and a younger, hunky guy, I couldn’t help but think about one of the classic older woman/younger man pairings: Samantha and Smith on Sex and the City. So for Drew Brighton, the owner of Hunks with a Truck who woos the somewhat harried single mother of two, Annie, I picked Jason Lewis.

It wasn’t easy to find a picture of him where he looked as casual and carefree as Drew, but this one did the trick? And those eyes. In the story, Drew’s eyes are actually a light champagne, but blue works. Blue works very well.

The hardest hero to cast was Leo, who stars in the first story. Leo is a man with a scheme up his sleeve. All. The. Time. He’s smart, but cunning. He designs boats for a living, but mostly, he’s trying to get back the woman he loved and lost. He’s going to have to pull out all the stops on this one, so I needed someone who was sexy and still comes across as someone you might not want to trust when your back is turned. Someone like:

Dylan McDermott. We’ve seen him do drama. We’ve seen him do comedy. He’s young and sexy and looks like he’s smart enough to out-wit even the most wary woman.

Boy, is it hot in here or is it just me?

All three of these men in one book? Who could resist? These guys I won’t be forgetting anytime soon, that’s for sure!

Julie Leto is the New York Times and USA Today bestseller of over 40 books. Her current release, 3 SEDUCTIONS AND A WEDDING, features three hot heroes and the women who can’t resist them. She blogs every Wednesday with her plotting partners, and has a new website up at


  1. Hi Julie,

    I am so glad I came to visit your blog here today! When I read the book I will think about these 3 men. Great job on the casting. Dylan McDermott is the only one I've heard of or seen.

    Have a good Memorial Day.

  2. Thanks, Donna! I tend to lean toward those guys that are not widely known. Which is probably why I can't remember them most of the time.

    Except for Colin Firth, he's fairly universal.

  3. Hi Julie!!! I loved your pics and still can't wait for the book...

    Donna (another one)

  4. The day of the Donna's! Thanks for stopping by. I think eHarlequin is having a big sale...they were last week!

  5. Hi! Nice choices for the heroes. I'll be looking for this book for sure!