Monday, May 17, 2010

Male on Monday: Tom Hardy

Michelle Styles investigates the question -- what happens when you wake up one day and know you will never play Mr D?

Sometimes actors have cherished dreams destroyed. Tom Hardy long wanted to play Mr Darcy. He auditioned for the part when they were casting the most recent film version of P&P. he put on his best prep school accent, and was according to the account I read, dressed in a blazer, blue shirt and jeans. A modern Mr Darcy or so he thought. After the audition Stacey Snider the CEO of Dreamworks is reputed to have said to him 'Every woman in the world has an impression of Mr Darcy and you're just not it.'

Thank goodness for that! I say.

With enormous bruised looking lips and bristling with energy, there was a certain raw sexuality to his performance that would not have fitted the more urbane Mr Darcy. Hardy instead plays bad boys and gangsters like Heathcliff from the recent ITV production of Withering Heights. Or Freddie in The Take. Anti-heroes.

After going to to a posh prep school and the Richmond School of Drama, Tom Hardy got his start in Band of Brothers as John Janovec. His first role in a major movie was in Black Hawk Down. He is currently best known for playing the lead role in Bronson. He will be playing Nick Nolte's son in the boxing picture Warrior, and a member of Leonardo DiCaprio's team in Christopher Nolan's latest sci-fi thriller Inception. Both movies are coming to the big screen later this year. The latest trailer for Inception has just appeared...For Warrior, Hardy hit the gym and gained about 2 stone of muscle. He also has a part in Mad Max 4 (due out in 2012). He is a hard working actor who knows the sort of roles that he can play. He has a reputation of being able to play very difficult roles and bring a vitality and energy to those roles. Say what you like about ITV's Wuthering Heights, but his protrayal of Heathcliff was the best of the show.

On the wild side in his youth, he has had tortured love life but is rumoured to currently be with Wuthering Heights and the Take) co-star Charlotte Riley.

So I flag him up for those people who like their British gentleman with a tad more earthiness than Mr Darcy. Men who are in need of taming...

Michelle Styles's latest Compromising Miss Milton is out now in the UK and features a hero in need of redemption.


  1. Having seen a whole bunch of things Tom has been in (inclduing theatre) I fully agree he is brilliant as an actor. I have had the pleasure of meeting him in the flesh in Chicago recently and he's a lovely guy. I heard him chatting to a fellow British female about where they are from and their roots (somewhere in the North). They seemed to know each other well, perhaps lost touch or something and were re-connecting. I was dying to talk to her lol but didnt want to push it. He gave me a big hug though when I told him how great he was in the play. I blushed for a week. He's hot and down to earth. What more could you want.

  2. Good call Michelle, I thought Tom Hardy was superb in The Take... exuding the sort of sexual energy that was both frightening and at the same time rivetting. There were lots of things about ITV's Wuthering Heights that I didn't like, but Hardy's Heathcliff wasn't out of them.

    And 'anonymous', Wow! What a great story. thanks for sharing.

  3. I thought he was a brilliant Heathcliff. After seeing his performance, I was more convinced than ever that Heathcliff is half-human, half-demon. He was also an excellent Robert Dudley in The Virgin Queen with Ann-Marie Duff.

  4. Anon -- that is such a great story! Thank you for sharing.

    Heidi -- I thought if anyone understood, you would as you have a penchant for bad boys.

    Elizabeth -- that is exactly right half-human, half demon. He was a brilliant Heathcliff. Utterly compelling.
    Long may he play great parts!

  5. I too loved him as Dudley!

    I will confess i did not watch WH because I saw the casting and thought WTH? He didn't look ANYTHING like I pictured Heathcliff. But now I have to say I might have to watch it anyway, because I obviously missed something great!