Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday Talk-Time - Karen Rose Smith

Here's Special Edition Author Karen Rose Smith to chat about her latest release - and what she's reading!

Dear Readers,

It's great to be blogging here with you today.

What am I reading? Books have always been my get-away. But now I save them for a reward for pages written. I can't settle in to read unless I finish my quota of pages for the day. (I often listen to books on CD before I fall asleep at night.) I tend to search for emotional stories that aren't in my work-life genre.

On the top of my TBR list is THE TIME OF MY LIFE, by Patrick Swayze and Lisa Niemi. This is a real life love story and I can't wait to start it. Earlier this week, in the midst of planting flowers, tomatoes and herbs (I just completed one manuscript and am starting another), I finished two books I'd highly recommend. Even in a suspense novel, I prefer relationships inside the plot. In Joy Fielding's book STILL LIFE, relationships swirl around the heroine who is in a coma! The book is written in her point of view as she learns who intends to kill her. The other book that could be both controversial and provocative is PURSUIT OF HONOR by Vince Flynn. His series hero, Mitch Rapp, fascinates me. For me, it's always about the characters and their bonds in the storyline.

 I'm sure that's the reason that I wanted to develop a six book series with a familiar setting and characters who floated in and out of each others' books. My May release, THE TEXAN'S HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER is the fifth book in my series. When I was sorting through ideas for this book, I wanted to write an emotionally charged story. My heroine, Raina, is a 9-11 widow. She was deeply in love with her husband and has gone on with her life but not really moved on. She returned home to Sagebrush, Texas from New York City to establish her pediatric ENT practice. She never expected to be attracted to one of her little patients' dads, but Shep McGraw isn't a dad to ignore. The rancher is adopting three boys and he cares about them with all of his heart. But Raina's husband had been a firefighter...a hero. She never intends to fall in love again. Yet a day with Shep on his ranch in a secluded glen when passion takes over leaves her pregnant. Shep's proposal of marriage is both a solution and a challenge...because Shep guards his heart all too well. She doesn't realize he's keeping a secret about his youth that he feels prevents him from becoming hero-material. Will Shep's secret destroy their new marriage?

I set my series in fictional Sagebrush outside of Lubbock which is a medical center for West Texas. Most of my heroines in this six-book series have practices in a health center there. An old Victorian house seemed to be the right place for all of them to share their lives. This house appears to have started a rumor­ - any woman who lives there will find true love. The series is about women forming sister-like bonds and supporting each other through the milestones in their stories.

THE TEXAS BILLIONAIRE'S BABY, the fourth book in the series, is available now and THE TEXAN'S HAPPILY-EVER-AFTER will go on sale at the end of April. For more information about the Baby Experts series, readers can visit my website at or my fan page on Facebook.

Have a terrific spring.

Karen Rose Smith


  1. I have read all five books in the Baby Experts series (I have a subscription to SSE so I get the books early) and have enjoyed them very much. I'll be looking forward to the 6th book in the series. Being a native Texan I enjoy books set here.

  2. Ellen--I'm so glad you're enjoying the series. I'm going to be sad to see it end. But I'll be starting a new one. Book six (TWINS UNDER HIS TREE) will be out in December. Lily's story is a truly emotional one. I have a special place in my heart for veterans and they are very much a part of this story line.

    Thanks so much for stopping by.


  3. Looking forward to this book! It combines a lot of my favorite elements, and I love the hero's name. :)

  4. Hi, Natalie--I'm running out of strong hero names so I have to be creative! I'm glad you like it. Thanks for stopping by.