Thursday, April 22, 2010

Must Watch Friday - Wingless in Washington

Here's a "fly-by" post by Romance author Melissa James!

Due to attending the fabulous Washington Romance Writers’ Retreat this weekend, I’m currently grounded in Washington DC, a victim of the Icelandic volcano. So taking the opportunity to write and get shopping in…and in my travels, I found a copy of one of my favorite-ever movies that I had on my keeper shelf but movers lost on the way to Switzerland: Benny & Joon.

Now I bet I’m preaching to the converted here, but for fans of beautiful, quirky romance, this is a must. It’s an earlier Johnny Depp movie, with Mary Stuart Masterson whose movies I always like. She plays a young woman damaged by the accident that took her parents’ life, and he’s an adorable, fascinating oddball taken in by the family (well, inherited by losing a game of poker) who just loves her as she is. It also has Aidan Quinn and Julianne Moore, whom I think are excellent actors and in very good roles. It’s an adorable film and I’m so glad to have it in my library again.

Among my movie favorites are:

The Princess Bride

Harold and Maude

You Can’t Take It With You (classic 1937 movie – love it!)

Benny & Joon

North and South

Pride and Prejudice (1994 version)

Titanic (don’t care that others think it’s overdone or anything else, I love it)

So – are any among these your favorites? What do you like and why? Obviously I’m a quirky and hopeless romantic lover of history. What do your movie choices say about you?

Melissa James

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  1. Benny & Joon is the most adorable movie ever. I can watch that anytime. I also love Depp's Don Juan DeMarco.

  2. Apparently I'm a quirky and hopeless romantic lover of history as well! I second The Princess Bride, North and South (if you're talking about the BBC Elizabeth Gaskell one w/ Richard Armitage), Pride and Prejudice, and Titanic as well, though I have to be in a certain mood to be able to watch it.

    I'll also add Gone with the Wind - another one that requires a certain mood - and Bridget Jones's Diary for fun!

  3. I love Harold & Maude with the Cat Stevens songs and the quirky relationship between the 80 yo lady and the suicidal young man!!

    I like Breaking Away- young man pursues his love of bicycle racing and everything Italian.

    Pretty Woman Cinderella themed love story between a prostitute and a driven gentleman.

    An Officer & a Gentleman

    Man From Snowy River coming of age in the Outback Jim & Jessica. Great photography.

    Braveheart Wrenching story of William Wallace inspiring loyalty and fight in his fellow Scotsmen.

    The Hunt For Red October. Exciting story of a Russian commander of a nuclear sub (Sean Connery) and Alex Baldwin as a American Naval Officer who believes the Russian wants to defect to America.

    Beauty & the Beast
    Dirty Dancing