Friday, April 16, 2010

Must-Watch Friday - Remember Me

Modern Heat author Heidi Rice gets all hot and bothered by smouldering toy boy Robert Pattinson in the new romance movie adapted from a bestselling novel by Nicholas Sparks. And offers a chance to win a copy of her latest book, Unfinished Business with the Duke!

Oh all right then, Robert Pattinson is young enough to be my son, but I was a mad keen fan of James Dean in my youth (who, if he hadn't died in a car crash at 24, would have been old enough to be my dad) so I do have a bit of previous with smouldering bad boys whatever their age.

And let's face it, RPatz has definitely got something... And if you weren't convinced by Twilight, because maybe you're a bit squeamish around all that bloodsucking, then you will be by this contemporary romance which cleverly draws on Pattison's outsider/outcast appeal while at the same time putting it in a more down-to-earth setting. Namely New York City circa 2001.

For starters, it's now official, Robert Pattinson is the most photogenic actor in the known universe (he manages to look sexy in this movie even when he's being punched in the face, which frankly happens rather a lot). And boy does this guy know how to smoulder. But he's not hurt a bit by the film's plot which is unashamedly romantic. This isn't a rom-com or a chick flick, this is unadulterated star-crossed romance and for that I applaud it. It's wonderful to see the love story front and centre for a change.

Adapted from Sparks's novel, the story's main focus is the burgeoning love affair between rich college boy Tyler Hawkins (our Patz) - who is traumatised by his brother's suicide and busy rebelling against his emotionally distant father (the yummie Pierce Brosnan!) - and cop's daughter Ally Craig - who witnessed her mother's murder at an early age and is struggling to cope with her father (Chris Cooper, another yum) whose unresolved guilt over the incident has made him wildly overprotective.

Now, you might say that's enough emotional baggage for about ten movies, but thanks to brave performances by Pattinson and his co-star Emilie de Raven of Lost fame (not to mention the stellar supporting cast), the sizzling chemistry that develops between the two of them and a subtle, emotionally complex script, their story is always compelling and convincing.

Well, all apart from the shock twist at the end which I found a little bit contrived. But I know others found that ending deeply moving so my reaction might have more to do with me being a jaded film reviewer than anything else. I guess you'll just have to judge for yourself.

Anyway, this is a movie I would definitely recommend, even if you're not a Robert Pattinson groupie (and I like to think I'm a bit more dignified than that - because I was even more taken with the delicious Mr Brosnan). It's got heart and soul, it looks magnificent (even Tyler's grungy tenement apartment looks romantically edgy) and it's spearheading a recent trend in mainstream cinema towards films which aren't frightened to wear their heart on their sleeve... Something which I think we can all applaud.

Heidi got a box of her brand new Modern Heat Unfinished Business with the Duke yesterday, and she's eager to give a copy to one lucky commentator. So post away folks! 

Heidi Rice is still doing her happy dance after hitting the USA Today bestseller list last month with her  Presents release Public Affair, Secretly Expecting. Her seventh Modern Heat, Unfinished Business with the Duke, hits the shelves in the UK on May 21st and is due out as a Presents Extra in the US this October. And if that one makes the USA Today list too, she's liable to explode! 

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  1. OOh LOVE the sound of this movie! And I am in the camp of I-quite-like-Robert-as-Edward so I'm excited to see him in something not-vampire!!

  2. He's a bit too young and pretty for me, being the old cynic that I am. And I'm guessing the ending is sad? Have to say though, you've got me intrigued...

  3. Hi Heidi. Looks a good movie to check out. But I think your hero on the front cover of Unfinished Business with the Duke has better pecs than Robert Pattinson IMHO! Caroline x

  4. I'm all for team Edward - but RPatz in another movie is just as good. Been eyeing this one too.

  5. I've been wanting to see this movie! RPattz is amazing in brooding roles...

  6. Okay, so now I have to admit I'm not a Nicholas Sparks fan. My 27 year old daughter loves his books, has them all on her keeper shelves. I find them too depressing, it seems like someone always dies or it doesn't have a happy ending. There is enough of that in real life, give me fantasy. I want that HEA, I need that HEA. Enough said, I do however love your books. I can't wait to read your latest.

  7. Robert Pattinson is quite striking, and no one else looks like him! He has a unique, unsettling appeal.

    Pierce Brosnan gets better and better and better as the years go by. That's saying a lot because he was so delicious from the very beginning! I have been a great PB fan since he starred in "Remington Steele", one of my all-time favorite TV shows! Pierce is funny, charming, handsome and very talented. He's also a devoted husband and father. To top of all that, he works for numerous environmental causes. Last, but not least, he's a just an outright gorgeous Irishman!

  8. Heidi - I had to google the ending. I wanted to know. I had a suspicion.

    I'll admit to not being a Sparks fan at all. Maybe I would be if he stopped writing tragic endings. I am not sure why he's so against a HEA, but it drives me. The man writes to "form" (just because I hate the word formula) as much or more as any genre writer out there (notice I do not limit this to Romance).

    It is a shame. I read someone saying it is silly to not give the movie a chance just because of the ending, but I'm not taking two hours + out of my life to know I'm going to come out of it infuriated.

    Wow, I guess I feel pretty strongly about it, huh. And it's a shame, because otherwise it looks like a great movie. I just want the payoff in the end.

    It is like if you took Dirty Dancing and had Baby say "You're right Johnnny, it doesn't matter what you do." Johnny leaves. End of movie. I would feel so cheated. The fact that Johnny is brought back with much schmaltz is perfectly okay with me.

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  10. Rachael, I don't think you'll be disappointed.. Definitely one to watch with a big bucket of popcorn!

    See Jackie, I'm thinking what's wrong with young and pretty, as long as it comes with a bit of brooding intensity too!

    Oh yes Caroline, that guy has better pecs than anyone I've ever seen..

    Yup Janette, I'm defo team Edward, do not get the appeal of the werewolf boy at all..

    Denise, you'll be glad to know RPatz does some serious brooding in this movie.

    Now Linda and Donna, I'm gonna answer you both together and have to say I kind of agree with you on the Nicholas Sparks thing. I do like his writing, I think he's a very readable author, but those endings!! What's that all about?? I don't want to give the ending in this film away, but ultimately I thought it was a bit of a mean trick to play on the audience. Clearly we're hopeless romantics and Mr Sparks is not!

    And Virginia, oh boy are you a woman after my own heart. I quite simply adore Pierce Brosnan. Isn't it great to see an actor who's prepared to look his age (and sing ABBA songs). The man is a god!

  11. I forgot to mention - did Nicholas Sparks have anything to do with this movie? I thought the movie that came out recently that was based on his novel was "Dear John"...

  12. Don't forget The Last Song. That's his too.

    All I can say about Sparks is what's up with the body count? Grrr.

    Oh and Heidi - in the books I'm Team Edward. In the movies though - Team Jacob all the way. LOL

  13. Team Jacob?? Seriously? He's way too squeaky clean for me

  14. Muscles and a crooked grin will do it for me. I'm just that shallow.

  15. I love Robert as Edward, even though he's a bit young for me too, but even more, I love that you mentioned James Dean. I can't watch Rebel Without A Cause, Giant, and East of Eden often enough. And he'd be old enough to be my grandfather, so...

  16. Can I have one of each?
    Yes I do mean
    Pierece Brosnan
    Team Edward and
    Team Jacob
    I love them all!
    Don't get me started to bad endings to films - did you see the end of MY Sister's Keeper - totally ruined the book, sacrilege!
    Anyway good luck with the new book Heidi, I'm sure it will be as fab as the rest x

  17. I am not a Nicolas Sparks fan either, but the movie sounds intriguing. I do like Pierce Brosnan, though!

  18. Oh Summer, always good to find another Jimmy Dean fan... I never forget the first time I saw East of Eden when I was 14, it changed my life!

    Susan, no you certainly cannot have one of each you have to choose... Psst, and you're not having Pierce cos I've already nabbed him!

    Alison, ditto! Pierce is mine!

    Deb, interesting to see another non-Sparks fan. What I would suggest is seeing this movie and then walking out ten minutes before the end.

    Okay, have picked out the winner of a free copy of Unfinished Business with the Duke at random....

    Drum roll Please.

    It's Summer... So if you want to send me your snail mail addy on I'll post off a copy.

    To the rest of you, I'll be running another comp for a copy on my blog next week, as soon as I've finished these darn revs, so keep your eyes peeled!

  19. "Remember Me" is an original screenplay it is not based on a Nicolas Sparks book. The movie has a lot to say it is not just a love story. I think a lot of Americans need to get their heads out of the clouds and face the real world sometimes. Life is not always pretty and it certainly isn't fair but it has its moments. "Remember Me" takes a moment in time and makes it real by presented a family with real problems to deal with and makes us face that life is not a fairytale and there are no happily ever afters. That is why we have to live in the moment. It also shows us that every life is important to someone. I think a lot of people missed a good movie and I hope they see it on DVD.