Monday, April 26, 2010

Male on Monday :: The Perfect Man

Stuck at home with three kids in varying stages of the plague, Pink Hearts Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke discovers what makes a man a keeper -- helping!

What separates the men from the boys? The dates from the fiances? The cute from the possibility of more?

Intimacy. and there is nothing more intimate than sharing your daily routine with a man. I think this is the idea behind Porno for Women, but it makes a joke of the concept of men being capable of cooking, cleaning, and being able to take care of themselves.

As a wife, mother of two sons and sister to five perfectly capable brothers, I'm often annoyed by the societal stigma that men don't know how to cook for themselves or iron their own shirts. It's kind of like the bumbling father who always loses things on sitcoms - but that's a whole other post!

It's sexy to know a man can take care of you - not that you need him to, just that he could if say, three kids decide to shre the plague. It's sexy to have a man make you dinner, not to get in your pants but because he knows you'd appreciate it. It's sexy to come home thinking you'll be spending an evening in the laundry room and discover it's nearly finished.

It's sharing the load, and it's knowing that he heard you when you said you had a lot to get done at home. Being heard, ackowledged, is one of the sexiest things in the world.

In our stories we lean hard on the romance of a relationship -the flowers and candlelight, the parties and diamond rings. But, if you'll notice, the everyday intimacy is woven in there too. He'll notice how she takes her coffee, make her breakfast and leave the mushrooms out of her omelet, realize she doesn't have a thing to wear to that charity ball he's blackmailing her into going as his fiance and a box will arrive - comeplete with shoes.

Knowing life will be better off for having him in it, that's what makes a hero - in real life or on the page.

Jenna is starting a new story...honest! Those pictures of Aiden Turner on her computer are all research, every one of them. Check out Jenna’s website, or blog for more of her stories.

Compromising Positions just finalled in the Passionate Plume Contest. Was it the Kama Sutra yoga class, the chocolate, or something even more decadent that earned the honor? What do you think?


  1. Good point Jenna... My husband does all the proper cooking in our house cos he's much better at it than I am, and I make a point of having the heroes cook for the heroines in my books cos I find it super-sexy! the one hero I wrote who couldn't cook got a lesson in how to cook an omelette, which was also pretty sexy as it turned out.

    That said, neither my husband nor my heroes have ever made much headway with the laundry, may have to sort that out.


  2. Mine usually doesn't laundry, but when he does he tries to do it ALL, rather than the two loads a day pace I goal for. Which means, not only is teh laundry done, I get a day off from it! Double bonus!

    All of my brothers are the primary chefs in their homes :) It's all that restaurant work they did to get through college :D