Monday, April 19, 2010

Male on Monday - Men You Shouldn't Fancy But Do

Today, Fiona Harper explores the fickle nature of women's male preferences. When we have a girly get-together and the topic of hot men comes up, we often surprise each other with who gets our pulses racing. And sometimes we even surprise ourselves!

Tall, dark and handsome. That's supposed the be the archetypal romance hero, right? And let's face it - this variety of male does appear prominently in many a series romance. Yet, when we delve a little deeper, we find that women's real life crushes are surprisingly varied.

Take me, for example. Recently I surprised myself my noticing Hugh Lawrie was quite attractive. He does have the most amazingly striking blue eyes...

No, not like that! Like this:

That's better. Now, I can't be the only one who thinks the gruff, selfish, antisocial Dr House isn't a little sexy, can I?

And here's another man who wouldn't necessary work as a Harlequin/Mills&Boon hero - Patrick Stewart. He's...mature, shall we say. And follically challenged. I really couldn't imagine my editor going for the idea of a bald hero. Not impossible, maybe, but it'd be a tough sell. But then again, I've never put looks at the top of my list when it comes to men I find attractive. I think qualities like integrity, intelligence and a good sense of humour trump a pretty pair of eyes or a well-defined six-pack. Mr Stewart has presence and gravitas. Don't care about the lack of hair. In fact, I think it works for him.

Okay, and if we're really going to let it all hang out here... Draw closer. I have something to whisper... Dear old Patrick isn't the only man lacking thick, dark locks that I think has a little something about him. I also think Phil Spencer from BBC TV's Location, Location, Location is cool. Can't analyse it - apart from the fact that he's got a nice smile and wicked sense of humour. But they always say that women like a man who makes them laugh.

And, I suppose, I ought to mention the flip-side of the subject - Men Everyone Else Seems To Fancy, But I Don't. Like these three:

Robbie Williams, David Beckham and Brad Pitt. Sorry guys. But I can't imagine any of them losing sleep over my admission.

So... Come on! I challenge you to reveal your guilty crushes! Who do you think is hot, even though you shouldn't?

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  1. Oh I love Phil Spencer!

    OK, I will admit without shame that I have had a crush on Jon Bon Jovi for like 20 years - from the days of glam rock, big hair and tight leather pants to now - not so big hair but urr, still tight leather pants!

  2. Rufus Sewell - my sister and I watched A Knight's Tale over and over again. She had a huge crush on Heath Ledger back then and got really angry with me because I always wanted the bad guy to win.

    Robbie Williams - oh yes. I remember his Escapology tour. He has this way to give everyone in the audience a special feeling.

  3. I agree with you on not getting the Robbie, David and Brad thing.

    As I was told recently I always seem to go for personality!

    My crushes ( and I refuse to feel guilty about them) Sam West, Alan Rickman, Hugh Laurie probably more but it is a tad early.

  4. With Patrick Stewart the voice is a lot to do with it too, I think. So deep and well modulated... swoon. I also have a secret pash for Alan Rickman, its something about the mouth I think. Also have a secret liking for Joe Jonas, if only he were 20 years older!

  5. LOL! I'm glad I'm not only one brave enough to come out of the closet! Now let's see what other names pop up today...

    And, Biddy, I urge you to share further - in the interests of education and healthy discussion, of course. ;-)

  6. I'm with you on the three as well, Fiona!

    A sense of humour is not to be dismissed. I love a good sense of humour - or perhaps I should say wit. Cheeky grins will do it for me every time. And eyes. Good eyes.

    The men I seem to find sexiest are the ones that appear really comfortable in their own skin, you know?

  7. Always loved Hugh Laurie, even when he was being daft. And Patrick Stewart's voice will do it for me every time. Not into pretty - I like men who look a bit rumpled but having trouble thinking of anyone at the moment. ACtually having trouble thinking, full stop...

  8. Oh I am sao with you on not getting Robbie, Beckham or Pitt.

    I know I am glad that others share my fascination with Philip Glenister (Gene Hunt).
    And I know where people are coming from with ALan Rickman and Patrick Stewart.

    The great thing is that there are so many to chose from and it is why you have to craft a character rather than copy an actor.

  9. I'm a big Star Trek fan, so when Captain Picard showed up on the screen, I was instantly intrigued. I love his voice--he's the kind of man who could read a grocery list to me and I'd be enraptured. ;)

    Some well-known heartthrobs who do nothing for me are Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio. I'm glad there is such a variety of men out there--something for every taste.

    As far as unconventional likes? I absolutely love Tommy Lee Jones! Not the handsomest guy to look at, but he conveys such intelligence with his eyes--he can convey good ol' boy charm and polished intellect equally well.

  10. My all time crush is Rufus Sewell (this guy, everything about him, is perfect in my eyes!) The guy oozes charisma and wickedness and wit. AND testosterone!
    A distant second in a tie, for their intense charisma and distinction and the way they use the facial and vocal tools are Patrick Stewart and Hugh Laurie.

    And no, the three heartthrobs you mentioned don't do a thing for me either. I only like Pitt as an actor, in many of his parts, but as a

  11. Yes, I think Brad's a good actor too, and I won't deny he's very pretty, but I'm just not attracted to him.

    I still have a feeling there are some other (possibly stranger) crushes out there! Come on, ladies...SPILL!

  12. Tommy Lee Jones? Hell, yes, that guy's got sex appeal oozing out of his ten-gallon hat!

    And what about Harvey Keitel in The Piano? Short, stocky, dodgy haircut, tattooed face and all.

    And yeah, I really don't get Robbie, David or Brad either.

    Have to admit I've got a bit of a thing for Michael Madsen and Ray Liotta too, even though they seem to spend their whole time playing psychos these days.

    And then of course there's Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow....

  13. See, now I never got the Johnny Depp thing. Or Orlando Bloom either. Sean Bean and David Wenham, though - the brothers Boromir and Faramir from LOTR turned my crank.

    Here's a strange one - I kinda like Steve Carell.

    Then there's Scott Foley, Jamie Bamber, Michael Trucco, Max Martini - my PHS MoM's are populated with my faves. LOL

  14. Nothing like coming late to the party (life sometimes gets in the way), but one who drew me right away was Mads Mikkelsen. Of course, Michelle already knows that!