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Male On Monday: McDreamy or House?

A big welcome back to Desire author Olivia Gates, with a yummy post on two of our favourite MD's....

Can I make this post MALES on Monday…in the plural, pretty please? At least, in the duo?

You see, I stumbled into a dilemma when I start writing this piece. Since I have a surgeon hero out in Silhouette Desire right now, BILLIONAIRE, M.D. and a MAN OF THE MONTH, my thoughts turned naturally to those doctor hunks who’ve been raising feminine blood pressure for decades now on TV.

My dilemma lay in that there were/are too many hunky docs in the history of medical series!

So I pitted them against each other in a survivor sort of elimination. But I couldn’t get down to only one. In fact, I ended up with two who epitomize totally different aspects of the alpha male model.

Enter Dr. Derek Shepherd, a.k.a. Patrick Dempsey and Dr. Gregory House, a.k.a. the multi-talented Hugh Laurie.

Dr. Shepherd is much like those doctors I wrote about when I wrote my Medical Romances. Hunky, with an incredible mane of hair, a great bod, and amazing blue eyes that can and do say so much. Professionally, he’s brilliant, constantly on the rise and at the top of his game in one of surgery’s most demanding and precarious fields, neurosurgery.

On the personal front, he’s what sends females of all ages sighing. He’s sexy, supportive, determined, romantic, passionate, committed and faithful. What more could a woman possibly ask for?

But then comes the anti-hero everyone can’t help but love, and if not love, then be enthralled by, the man who fascinates and awes you so much you let him get away with anything. Yep, I’m talking about the one and only misanthropic Dr. House.

The man is brutally critical, scarily insightful and ruthlessly exposing and demolishing of all others. Yet, we forgive him. We do more than that, we love him for it. We can’t get enough. At least, I can’t! Is it because he’s so mind-numbingly intelligent and resourceful, almost inhuman in his knowledge, deduction and grasp of any situation we feel he warrants we award him his own set of rules, and bestow on him far higher tolerance levels? Or is it, coupled with all that, we as nurturers and fixers, feel he’s an injured soul and we want to heal him, make him find peace and happiness and…let’s face it, tame that ultimate bad and ultimately self-sufficient boy?

So tell me, everyone, how can we love such diametrically opposite alpha males? And if you do love them both, why? And which do you think would make a more interesting hero for a romance?

As a tiny incentive to stimulate discussion, and to celebrate my Man of The Month release, I'll pick three comments to win a copy of BILLIONAIRE, M.D.

So bring on the comments!


  1. A TINY incentive to stimulate discussion? Nay, nay. That's a HUGE incentive (at least to me)! Mind you, I don't usually need incentives to natter on and on and on -- especially about book heroes and doctors -- but apparently I can be bought!

    I digress. You asked about who would make the more interesting hero for a romance. I'm thinking House. (Note that he doesn't even rate a "Dr." from me.) When you describe him like you did, I think that readers like to watch the hero evolve in the story -- after he meets the heroine, of course! And House has so much potential for change!

    McDreamy, on the other hand, already has some of those qualities we'd like to observe "up close and personal" (you know what I mean), so there wouldn't be as much of a story to tell (at least in my opinion).

    I like reading my romances and then drifting off to sleep with visions of me as the heroine of the story. I tend to go with the hero at the END of the story when he has already changed for the better. In this case, though, I would make an exception and dream the night away with McDreamy instead. Such concessions in life!

  2. I go for Dr. House myself as I know him better in his role on TV. I do feel as if it would be wonderful for him to get rid of his pain but hopefully he wouldn't change too much as a person because would we still find him so needing to be helped!!! I hope he'd be somewhat the same maybe just a bit more mellow.

  3. Hi Olivia!

    I agree, House would be a more interesting romantic hero, because he seems to be much more complex. There's something about a bad boy that's so appealing, isn't there? McDreamy is sweet, but he'd be a little bland in a romance novel because there would be less need for character growth.

    I think the reason why we love such diametrically opposite alphas is because we ourselves are so complex, and thus different types of men appeal to our various wants and needs. But at the end of the day I think most women want McDreamys - or at least someone like House to become more McDreamy-like. I do wonder if many women would want House just the way he is, without possibility of change?

  4. Medically speaking, I'd like to be examined by Dr. McDreamy and diagnosed by Dr. House. Now, that's the best of both worlds : )

    I like to look at pretty men. However, I love the ruff, gruff alpha male with a hidden core of kidness and a quiet, deep respect for women. When a guy like that loves you, you are well and truly loved! Their looks may be unconventional, not smooth or picture perfect. Their masculinity assures you can't take your eyes off them!

    Sometimes a "diamond-in-the-rough" male may need a little polishing, but a "too perfect" female may need a few rough edges added to be warmer and more womanly. Either McDreamy or House would be a very interesting and appealing hero. Their extreme differences in personality would necessitate a unique type of "opposite attraction" female match for each man. Both story lines would be lots of fun! Think Doris Day and Rock Hudson (McDreamy), or Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy (House) ; )

  5. I have to go with House. Mostly because of all his faults. Plus I've had a crush on Hugh since did more comedic roles.

    There's just something about that character. You want to hit him most of the time, but you still love him even though he makes you pull out your hair.

  6. Sorry guys not a fan of either. Luca Kovac from ER stole my heart long ago. Now there was a troubled soul. Lost his wife and children in a war, and so brutalised by the experience he batters a man to death who attacks his girlfriend. Over the years he suffered such gut wrenching torment. He was so angry with the world, his on off relationship with Abby, the woman he loves was always a labyrinth of complicatgions. Yet through it all his eyes could break your heart at 50 paces. So sorry you keep the others, Luca will always be my medical heart throb.

  7. It's all a long way from Dr Kildare...

  8. What a cool book. I'll have to read it. I love McDreamy and McSteamy, but my new favorite character has to be Owen on Grey's Anatomy. A troubled soul who saw way to much in Iraq.

  9. I love McDreamy! There's just something about him. Yum. As for House, although I find him interesting to watch, I cann't see him in a hero role. Too moody.

  10. I think either one would make a good hero for a book. They both have their issues, but that can be addressed in a well written book. They both have their redeeming qualities too.

  11. You missed my favourite Dr Doug Ross! Particularly when he had a dinner suit on, was dripping wet, trying to save a child from a sewer/drain thing, mmmm..............

  12. Much though I love both McDreamy and House (and I adore both shows) my favourite doctor just has to be McSteamy. Dr Sloane is the bad boy we all want to tame. What woman doesn't want to be the heroine who finally brings this eligible bachelor to his knees?

  13. I don't watch either show so I'm not familiar with their roles.

    I prefer a hero who isn't arrogant. I like them to be in control of their lives but open to change and romance.

    I guess I'd like the hero to have characteristics of both of your doctors.

    Communication is key in any relationship:
    doctor /patient, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife

    Hugh's character doesn't sound like he's open to other's ideas, words or deeds.

  14. Oh, WOW! Such a collection of magnificent comments! All insightful and eloquent and providing MUCH food for thought! I will be taking all your thoughts into consideration for sure when I'm writing my next doctor. Here's to the quest of creating more imperfectly perfect heroes.

    And NOWWWWW, to the winners of a copy of BILLIONAIRE, M.D.!!!!

    Drum roll please....



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