Saturday, March 06, 2010

Wild Card Weekend -- Guess Who's Here!!

The Pink Heart Society is happy to welcome one of our favorite authors - both to The Pink Heart Society and into the Harlequin author sisterhood. We know you'll be as Intrigued by HelenKay Dimon as we've been for a while now...

Hi everyone! I'm so thrilled to be here.

In publishing, you get quite a few firsts – the first time an editor calls to buy your book, the first time you see your cover, the first time you hold that book in your hands or see it on a shelf next to book by other authors you admire. These are amazing milestones. Fourteen books in and I still squeal with joy when the box of author copies arrives at my door. That excitement and wonder just had not gone away.

This month I get to experience another first, seeing the publication of my first ever Harlequin Intrigue. I've been writing for another publisher, Kensington, for years, but this is a whole new game for me.

When I started writing for Intrigue a friend said: “Well, they're short. How hard can they be to write?” I have an answer now: hard. Packing suspense and romance into 55,000 words is not an easy task, and I decided to make my road a little tougher by injuring my hero in the first chapter. Yes, you read that right. Shot him. Made it so that rescuing the heroine was not an easy task, which is good because his heroine is the type of lady perfectly capable of rescuing herself.

Well, that's not to say she a superhero or something. She's not. In fact, she' pretty much caused the trouble she's in. Years before she left our hero Luke to marry another man. Wrong pick by Claire. Have I mentioned how cute and strong and wonderful Luke is? I'm my head he looks a little like Eric Bana but on the cover he looks more like David Boreanaz – and I'm fine with that. See what I mean? Bad pick there by Claire. She had her reasons but that doesn't change the fact she's in a mess. She's accused of killing the husband she picked over Luke and now she needs Luke to clear her name.

Now, I worried about writing Claire. She's made some bad choices (obviously the Luke thing being one of them). She's pretty imperfect. She let emotion and fear drive her. She pushed Luke away rather than fight for him. And let me go ahead and remind you how adorable Luke is. Oh, he's not perfect either. Far from it. But he's the guy you'd want on your side in a fight, injured and all. Still, Claire is human. She stumbles. For me, that's different from a heroine you want to shake all the time because you think she's an idiot.

What about you guys? Is there a line between TSTL and realistic for heroines? Are there things you'd accept a hero doing that might be sort of dumb, but you can't tolerate in a heroine? Can you forgive poor Claire for pushing Luke away if she had her reasons?

HelenKay's Intigue debut, Under The Gun, is available now. For more about her lovely self and her other works, check out her website.


  1. Congratulations on the new Intrigue, HelenKay! Your story sounds wonderful :-).

  2. We are human and we do make mistakes and do irrational things, but when we're reading about a heroine putting herself in danger we usually label her as stupid.

  3. Jane - I do think we view romance heroines that way. My sense is that we're tougher on heroines that heroes. We accept heroes doing some irrational things. We don't accept that as much from heroines.