Thursday, March 11, 2010

What are you reading Leanne Banks?

Silhouette Desire author Leanne Banks shares what she has been reading and will be reading.

I was so thrilled to be invited to blog with the Pink Heart Society... until I saw what my topic was going to be. What am I reading?

Actually, I am on super duper deadline right now, so most of what I’m reading is my current work in progress, ROYAL HOLIDAY BABY, for Silhouette Special Edition due out in October 2010. This will be my first Special Edition in years and I’m very excited about it.

In the midst of all this, I have a book hitting the stands right now – SECRETS OF THE PLAYBOY’S BRIDE, a Silhouette Desire full of passion and family secrets.

Most important of all, my mother is going to visit me so we can celebrate her 80th birthday! My husband, son, daughter, mother and I are all going to see the traveling Broadway show “Wicked”.

You’ll notice I still haven’t mentioned the books I’m reading. The most recent book I read was CHRISTMAS AT BRAVO RIDGE. I totally love Christine Rimmer, and this book was fabulous as usual. She has a wonderful style that combines sensuality with warm characters.

As soon as I finish my book, I’m looking forward to reading THE WAR OF ART by Steven Pressfield. I’ve only had a chance to skim a few bits of it, so I’ll reserve total judgment, but I think Ann Lamott’s BIRD BY BIRD will remain at the top of my fave writing books. I’m also looking forward to reading A COLD CREEK HOMECOMING by Raeanne Thayne.

Since I’m busy writing, I asked my Pomeranian Bijou to check out these books for me. Here are a few pics of her doing the job. I think Raeanne’s book captured her attention.
What have you read lately? What is very next on your tbr list? I’ll draw a name from the responses and send one of my books!

All the best,
Leanne Banks
Leanne's latest Secrets of the Playboy's Bride is the Pink Heart Society's Book of the Month. We will discussing it on 30 March.


  1. Delighted to find out what you are reading,Leanne. The dog pictures made me laugh!

    Can I say that your latest is yummy?

  2. Leanne! Just dropped in to say how excited I am that you'll be at Special Edition. Very cool. Love your Desires and your wonderful juicy Single Titles. Appreciate your choice in reading. :) Will you be writing more Specials...? Hope so.

  3. Thanks Michelle! My little 4 1/2 pound bundle of perfection makes me smile most every day!:) That unconditional love is the best, isn't it!:) -- Leanne

  4. THanks Christine! I really DO love your books!:) I actually have a contract to do 3 Silhouette Special Editions and I am THRILLED!!!:)

  5. Thanks Christine! I've actually signed on to write 3 Special Editions and I AM THRILLED!:)

  6. Happy Birthday to your mom, Leanne. I've been reading a lot of romantic suspense like Leslie Parrish's Black Cats trilogy and Catherine Mann's "Renegade."

  7. Jane, those are both fab authors! I know you'll enjoy both!:)

  8. Leanne, thank you. Back at ya! And so pleased to learn you'll be doing SSEs!