Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Tuesday Travels - Staycation!

With air travel growing more tedious by the day (no electronic devices an hour either side of the runway? Um...how do you get kids to hush without the DVD distraction?) many are opting to holiday closer to home. For Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke, a non-sleeping toddler makes this option a necessity!

Most of us live in some pretty great places...otherwise, we'd probably move. But the hustle and bustle of day-to-day living doesn't lend to spending enough time enjoying our hometown. How often do you visit those things you suggest to those coming to visit?

Because the diva refuses to sleep, Daddy refuses to take her to a hotel. Fair enough, really. But it means coming up with some different actvities for the upcoming spring break.

I've decided to take on the challenge, framing it like a local history course for my boys. We're going to take in a floating maritime museum, head to the museum of the Oregon territory, explore Fort Vancouver, and maybe, just maybe hike around Mt. St Helens. I'd like to make this a two day event, where we do the interpretive centers and a hike one day, and explore the lava tubes known as the Ape Caves the next. But, it depends on the diva...

The kids are interested in history - especially live reenactments - and I like getting a better sense of the local area. It's too easy to live in a place and never really know it. The better you know a place, the more vivid you can make it in your stories.

??What's everyone up to for Spring Break?? Are you heading to Disney? Taking off for warmer waters?

Jenna has a new ebook releasing next week. Pride & Passion comes complete with a hero used to getting what he wants, a heroine determined not to give in to him, some indecent proposals, a fair amount of pride, and enough passion to burn up everyone’s control.To find out what Jenna is up to ...check out her website & blog.


  1. I'm going to Venice!!! (And hugely excited about it. Will be doing a Travel Tuesday post next month when I get back...)

    Staycations are great, though - there's always so much to explore locally. We live about 40 minutes from the seaside, so that's always an option on a nice day. (It's nice at the beach when it's cold and blowy, too, but then the kids rebel...)

    The floating museum sounds fantastic. Here's hoping for dry weather and good ice cream for you :)

  2. We're going to San Diego, California to see my parents! Yay! We've got four kiddies three-and-a-half years apart. It used to be we'd show up at the airport with the bus sized double stroller, four car seats, diaper bags, changes of clothes for everyone (couple travel puker in the mix made an in transit change usual), all the formula/bottles etc---basically, by the time we arrived my eyes were rolling in different directions and DH needed traction from all he lugging.
    Now it's kind of a breeze (aside from when the eight year old tries to smuggle cans of silly string through security--always fun). No strollers. Only three boosters. All of us wear a backpack (or laptop case for me) and then DH and I carry duffles for six, lol. Okay, so maybe it isn't a breeze. But if you'd been there at the start, you might feel like it was. :-)
    Jenna congrats on the new release next week! Can't wait to read it!!

  3. We're ... staying home! With 4 kids under 10 I can relate to the travel woes. We usually try to pick something we can drive to. I'm not brave enough to fly anywhere with the four of them yet. While everyone else is anticipating a trip away, we're organizing 'Mom & Dad Camp'. We've only really done the basics with the kids here in Miami so we hope to take in some of the sights we always claim are 'too touristy'!

  4. Nothing for spring break, but I'm heading to Toronto for a few days at the end of the month.

    And you do realizes how much I love your cover, right?

  5. Thanks!

    I really want to Disney the kiddos before 8 gets too big to enjoy the magic of it...but with 1's sleeping issues, I don't see it happening this year.

    Luckily we live someplace that is an hour from the coast, and hour from the mountains, and a short drive to all the haunts of a metropolitan oasis...if it weren't threatening to rain, I'd say it was perfect :D