Friday, March 05, 2010

Must Watch Friday - Glee

Today, Fiona Harper tells us why she's skipping around humming and fantasing about going to an American high school.

I have a new addiction. Glee. And, no, I don’t mean that I’m walking around all day with a cheesy smile on my face; I’m talking about the TV programme of the same name.

We don’t have Glee clubs in the UK. School choirs, yes, but not Glee clubs. I’m not sure I’ve worked out what the difference is, except there seems to be more dancing and costumes involved with a Glee club. And lots more drama! The stigma, however, remains the same. According to Sue, their deliciously vicious PE teacher, these kids are the lowest of the low – if the popular kids are the penthouse, the Glee kids are sub-basement.

Anyway, I love a bit of OTT TV and Glee is certainly that – boys and girls bursting into song at any given opportunity, lots of bright colours, teachers that I thank heaven never taught at my school, and a bunch of cheerleaders who never seem to wear anything but their teeny-tiny uniforms.

On the romance side, there’s some definite chemistry between Rachel (Lea Michelle) and Finn (Cory Monteith), but he’s dating head cheerleader Quinn (Dianna Argon) and, frankly, over-ambitious Rachel can be a tad scary at times. I’m not surprised Finn is hesitant, even if they are perfect leading lady and leading man material when they get together.

I love the dry, tongue-in-cheek humour, the totally outrageous storylines, and most of all the songs. I’ve always wanted to sing in a musical (yeah, like that is ever gonna happen!), but second best is living it vicariously through the cast of Glee. I just got the soundtrack CD for my birthday, so you’ll have to excuse me while I plug my iPod in, turn it up loud and sing into my hairbrush…

Fiona's next book, Housekeeper's Happily-Ever-After is an RT Book Reviews Top Pick for April! It's out now in the UK (as a 2-in-1 with Jessica Hart's new release, Oh-So-Sensible Secretary) and available in North America in April.

Ellie Bond tries to escape her past by taking a job as jet-setting Mark Wilder's housekeeper. But the accident that killed her husband and daughter have left scars, both inside and out, and she worries she'll never be able to leave the past behind and find true happiness.


  1. Glee clubs date from the late 18th century in Georgian England and were originally upper class men getting together to sing without accompaniment short songs, some of which were quite risque.
    There is a song form called a glee.
    However, while there are still some glee clubs in the UK, most are in the US. They tend to function more like a chorus and sing lots of songs but without music to accompany them. So yoiu do have to be able to sing (which excluded me...)
    Does this help?

  2. Fiona, I love this show too, originally thought it was just a bit of a piss take of High School Musical - which let's face it was prime territory for a spoof - but have really started to get into the characters now.

    Does make me extremely glad that I never had to endure a US high school, or at least not one of the ones you see in the movies which are always terrifying hotbeds of vicious cliques and high-achieving, scarily focussed teens (who all sing and dance brilliantly!!).

    Think I prefer the laid-back British variety which was all about trying to look cool by under-achieving, coming up with good excuses not to do your homework and not being able to sing a note.

  3. Without music? Acapella choir is scary!

    Our glee club put on a musical every year. For two years I was in pit orchestra and my last year of high school I did stage crew, which had to be in costume and also because I had a decent range and we were short on guys, meant I dressed in trousers and a shirt and cap with my hair tucked under and sang tenor. We did Hello Dolly that year and it was amazing. During a particularly long scene, another girl on stage crew and I went to the boy's dressing room and stole all their pants and hid them in the business wing bathroom.

    That being said...I really wanted to like Glee and I watched the first few epis and found it kind of...annoying. But those that like it a lot.

    There's always the band geek kind of stigma (Glee club was separate from band and jazz choir, and yeah, I was a geek of the first order) but I know most of my great high school memories are of my band geek days! :-)

  4. Thanks for the extra info, Michelle. I must admit I went and did a bit of research after I wrote my post, just to satisfy my curiosity.

    If my school had had a glee club, I'd have probably tried out. I spent most of my senior school days in a leotard and tights because I was addicted to dance club as it was!