Monday, March 15, 2010

Male on Monday: Jon Montgomery

PHS Editor Donna Alward shows her colours with today's Male on Monday hottie:  Canadian Gold Medalist Jon Montgomery!

If you followed the Olympics at all, you probably know who Jon Montgomery is.  He captured Canada's hearts when he won the gold in Men's Skeleton and made the walk through Whistler with a pitcher of beer handed to him from a generous patriot.  His winning of the medal and his actions and interviews following that win were the highlight of the Olympics for me - even more than Sid Crosby's overtime goal against the US or Michael Buble dressed as a Mountie for the closing ceremonies - and that's saying something!

What I really dug about Jon was that he came across like an ordinary Prairie boy (well man, really, he's 30, but you know what I mean).  Hailing from Russell, Manitoba, he doesn't pretend to be anything other than what he is, and is so down to earth it's comical.  He's well spoken and outgoing and a bit of a daredevil (you'd have to be to do skeleton), relaxed and yet you know that to get to the level he's at he's got to have extraordinary focus and drive.  I really dig that about him.  His day job?  Selling cars and on the weekend he's an auctioneer.  That point came up again and again in interviews - so far I've seen him auction off the jug of beer he carried through Whistler and his gold medal.

I like the no-nonsense part of Jon - like when he said he knew he had to lay it down and get it done.  I liked how he wore his heart on his sleeve and his maple leaf on his chest - yes, Jon has a maple leaf and "Canada" tattooed on his chest and said that "I was always a very proud Canadian and wanted to emblazon it on my chest to let everybody know that. And certainly if I was ever found dead in a ditch, they’d know which country to send me home to.”  I liked his exuberant reaction to winning, how he sang O Canada, and how he said he didn't care what the sport was, he just wanted to represent his country.

He did a great interview with Brian Williams that shows exactly that drive to win and the down to earth guy who insists "A brother's gotta eat."

As a guy who gets his kicks from hurling himself on to "a cafeteria tray with rails and sliding down a frozen toilet chute", he also says he doesn't name his sled or else he'd be accused of cheating on his girlfriend (snort).  His win has earned him a spot on Oprah and I'm thinking his life won't be quite the same ever again.

His dad was asked what lessons he taught his son that helped Jon achieve his olympic dream, and his father replied that he always taught Jon that when you start something, you finish.

Well, he sure did.  And I gotta say...I have a whole new appreciation for skeleton skins now too.

Donna's latest release is out this month:  HER LONE COWBOY features another good Prairie boy hero and winds up her Cowboys and Confetti duet. 


  1. Great choice, Donna. He sure made an instant impact on the country. Everyone knew him, but what's more important, we won't forget him!

    I'm still coming down from the Olympic high -- it was hard to get anything else done during those exciting days.

  2. He seems like a down to earth guy. Good Olympics this time around for winter that is.

  3. I love him too, Donna. He makes me grin, whatever he does. Or says.