Monday, March 08, 2010

Male on Monday - Bruce Willis

When I thought of showasing today’s Male on Monday subject, I was pretty sure we’d already covered him. I mean, how could we not? And I was delighted to discover that we hadn’t!

So, for your delectation, let me present Bruce Willis.

(Those of you who know me in real life are probably smiling right now because you know my husband is a dead ringer for him, albeit 10 years younger than Mr W. I do have a pic to prove it – where DH is holding up a magazine where the lead story is about Bruce Willis and there’s a lovely close-up on the cover – but sadly he made me promise that I wouldn’t post it on a blog. Ever. ) (Sigh.) (Men.)

Anyway. Walter Bruce Willis was born in Germany on 19 March 1955, and grew up in New Jersey. He’s known for playing wise-cracking or hard-edged characters – and I think most of us would remember him when he first got a break playing David in Moonlighting in the 1980s.

How many times did we look at David and Maddie and wonder, ‘Will they or won’t they?’

And then there was the Die Hard series, starting with the first film in 1988 – Yippee Ki Ay!

Yes, it’s an action movie, but the romantic hero is clear to see in John McClane. The wounded hero who’s either lost something or had a crisis of confidence or conscience… that’s our Bruce. (And did you know that he ad-libbed a lot of John’s one-liners? Great timing.)

And Armageddon, in 1998. I sobbed my way through that. A different kind of love, protective father to daughter (and yes, I can see him cast as a single dad in a category romance).

But the one that really encapsulates him for me, as an actor? It’s been critically acclaimed as his best performance, and I’d agree. The Sixth Sense. The scene where he was talking to his wife over dinner and you could see how much he loved her and what a huge gulf there was between them… I was gripped all the way through. superb writing, and superb interpretation on Bruce’s part. (And he's a nice guy, helping younger actors get a foothold in the business.)

Bruce has three children with his ex-wife, actress Demi Moore, and clearly loves his children to bits – he's quoted as saying ‘I'm much more proud of being a father than being an actor’ and ‘Who I am as a father is far more important to me than the public perception’. And he has a sense of humour: ‘Hair loss is God's way of telling me I'm human.’ (I think he’s definite proof that bald is sexy. On a par with Sean Connery, I reckon!)

Definitely a ten out of ten, in my book.

So tell me – what’s your favourite Bruce Willis movie, and why?

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  1. My favorite Bruce Willis movie is The Fifth Element. Funny, futuristic and in the end, love saves the world.

  2. Yummo, I say! To me, Bruce Willis is the quintessential action hero--a bit beat up and tortured somehow, possessing a definite skill set (wits and weapons) that helps him survive, a wicked sense of humor--and you know that, in the end, his character will do the right thing--save his wife, save his daughter, save the planet. He's definite Intrigue hero material.

    I don't like his comedies quite so much.

    I'm a big John McClane fan--loved the first DIE HARD (it's on my favorite Christmas movie list ), and I loved the last one with the cyber-terrorists. I cried during ARMAGEDDON, and loved that movie. And he was phenomenal in THE SIXTH SENSE--I felt his frustration and pain and ultimate shock. But I guess I'll go with the classic Bruce--DIE HARD is where I first discovered him and fell in love with John McClane, so I'll go with that first love as my favorite.


  3. Sarah - I don't think I've seen the Fifth Element, so thank you for telling me. Sounds right up my street!

  4. Julie - you are a woman of excellent taste :)

  5. Hi Kate. I went to your own blogsite 1st and thought I wonder who it could be? Bruce Willis came to mind - and I'm right! yay - great choice btw - Bruce comes across as such a cheeky chappie -like your DH I'm sure?! Caroline x

  6. Caroline - LOL! Great guess. And yes, my DH has the same cheeky twinkle in his eyes :)