Thursday, February 04, 2010

What Are You Reading? Linda Thomas Sundstrom

Nocturne author Linda Thomas Sundstrom reveals what she is reading!

Hello Pink Heart Society . . . What a wonderful way to kick off a Thursday, with a subject so close to my own little pink heart - books!

I am a book junkie. I read books, write books, listen to books on CD, and covet stories of all kinds. I wonder if you're the same? Like great movies, I equate reading terrific books to eating deep, dark chocolate. Yum! Blissful! Can't get enough!

I have stacks of books in every room, mostly arranged very neatly on floor to ceiling shelves of course. But then there are the stacks on my office floor, and more on my bedside table, that call to me. Thing is, it's difficult to get to them when I'm busy writing my own. And as I have three books out early this year (Jan, Feb, and March Nocturnes in my Wolf Moons series, released back to back),as well as a brand new contract for four more Nocturnes.... and well.... you get my drift.

So - with as little time as I do have to read, I get real particular. And I get a lot of books "in" by listening to them on audio as I drive to and from the day job (I'm a teacher). Books on CD are the best things going for someone as time-challenged as I am these days. However, I'll tend to listen to books I wouldn't necessarily pick up to read - remember that being particular confession?

There are some books that just need to be held, smelled, and read, line by precious line. You know? The feel of a book in my hands and the sound of the paper turning are blissful moments for me. I've been known to read paragraphs over several times to figure out why it struck me as being so good, or soulful. Only a book in the hand can allow for such things. So nope, I'll never be a Kindle or other e-reader fan. Don't care how many books they'll hold ---- the key is that you can't hold those books at all.

And another thing - I have a need to keep the books I love, even if I may never read them again. I have the compulsion to own them, and look at them on my shelf - which turns out to be sort of like my life on a shelf. I can see past, current, and future titles, and remember where I was when I bought or read those titles. Can't you? Like old songs?

Two of my all-time favorites: 1) The Lord of the Rings Trilogy by JRR Tolkien. By far and away the best thing I've ever read, and I've read it six or more times all the way through, from high school on up, and still get caught up in the tale. And 2) Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I mean, talk about writing talent, and addressing a personal philosophy so cleanly, whether or not you as a reader go along with it. Wow.

Then - more current titles I've really enjoyed for a whole host of reasons:
The Shadow of the Wind (Carlos Ruiz Zafon), Secret Life of Bees (Sue Monk Kidd), all of Kim Harrison's urban fantasies, the Harry Potter series (need I say who wrote those?), all of Lisa Scottline's legal thrillers, all of Jim Butcher's quirky urban fantasies, Simon R Green's even quirkier urban fantasies, Janet Evanovish's Stephanie Plum series, early Sue Grafton books, early Laurell K. Hamilton Anita Blake books, early Ann Rice vampire fare. The list goes on.

Then, there are the non-fiction books, too numerous to mention.

So - what am I reading or listening to right now? At this minute?
In my car, I'm listening to a John Sanford mystery - "Phantom Prey." On my elliptical machine, and night, just before the lights go out, I'm reading one of those books I have to hold and read and savor = Kim Harrison's "Black Witch, White Curse." At the same time, I'm reading Nocturnes written by my fellow Nocturne authors... and have a stack of six that are calling to me.

Paranormal fare is my favorite. Both dark and light - which is what I write, both dark and light paranornmal romances. My light side - "Barbie and the Beast," last April's Dorchester release. My current, darker side - the "Wolf Moons" series for Nocturne that come out this month and next. "Red Wolf," and "Wolf Trap." Sexy werewolf fare in a hot Miami series.

How about you? What are you reading currently?
Do cough up some juicy titles, so we can add them to our list.

More questions: Do you read across several genres, interested in all good stories, or do you stick to one?
Do you share my love for quirky or dark paranormals? Prefer straight fiction fare?

Do you love romances ? ? ? ? (I love romance, for sure, which is why I write them !)

Talk to me. Share.



And that's why I write paranormals for Nocturne, I suppose. To tell stories I'm craving to tell. I have two Nocturne Bites out now, one this month called "Blackout" and one next month titled "Wolf Bait," where I can go wild on werewolves.

Anybody else here have a hankering for the darker side of things? Have any insider knowledge on upcoming supernatural tales that don't involve Brad Pitt?

Cheers for now-
Linda Thomas-Sundstrom


  1. OOPS - I don't know where that last part, after my name and "cheers" the first time came from. The Brad Pit comment.

    Why - you know - I think it might be.... ta-dum... SUPERNATURAL INTERNET TAMPERING !

    Ha! Or else it could be just something I forgot to cut that no one (moi)caught before I posted this. PLease forgive the extra sig line... I must be sleepy.


  2. It was a straight cut and paste from what you sent the PHS. But it did make me laugh.

  3. I vowed this year to step out of the box and so I read Mortal Enemy, Immortal Lover – Olivia Gates from Awakening the Beast (A Collection of Six Sexy Bites). Now mind you, I'm a fan of Olivia's Desires.

    I enjoyed it and I'm going to try a few more plus adding some historicals and medicals.

  4. Good morning. The anthology of Nocturne Bites is next up on my night table. All of my Nocturne pals are in there, so I'll be sure to check out Olivia. Thanks for the tip, Marilyn.


  5. That's me. Different genres and according to my mood.

    Right now, I'm reading the RWA Rita entries, so I can't say what I'm reading, but I can say I'm enjoying the book a lot.

  6. Oh jeeze..there's so much I love to read...I love the paranormal stuff...Anne Rice is a favorite there vampires mummys and witches, but I also adore the books she wrote on the early life of Christ. Those were fantastic.

    I live for Stephanie Plum and just about anything Janet Evanovich turns out.

    Then there are my regular romances..If the back blurb gets my attention I'll read it.

    Right now I'm reading Sarah Morgan's The Vasquez Baby and my bedtime book is Jina Bacarr's Blonde Samurai.

    I have a hard time getting rid of books I love, which is why I hate it when I buy a beat up copy of something either at a used book store or at Goodwill only to discover that its a fantastic read.

  7. Waving hello to Linda Wisdom, who is always too busy writing books to read as much as she'd like to. Like me!


  8. MIstress of the Dark... Hmmm, with a name like that, I guess we might GUESS your reading preferences, eh? Ha. And yet you mention Janet Evanovich -

    Or maybe you mean by "Mistress of the Dark" that you utilize your mighttime hours to read, and that you're your own mistress when everybody else has turned out the lights and you can finally get to that book on your night stand? Like - Mistress of your own Destiny?

    Thanks for posting a thoughtful "here-here!" for loving booksand wanting to keep the books you love. We're sistas there.


  9. Great blog Linda! :)

    I just finished the lastest entry in LKH's Merry Gentry series, Divine Misdemeanors. (I don't read her Anita Blake series, isn't that strange? ah well..)

    Now I'm reading Golden Heart entries... Whee!

    Next up is a novella by Kelley Armstrong called "Angelic" I love her Women of the Otherworld series! So fun!

    Then I'll be grabbing my signed copy of Red Wolf! :)

    Talk to you soon...

    Lisa :)

  10. Ooohh Lisa - you don't know about ANITA BLAKE, vampire hunter? It was LKH's original series. And early on, it was really interesting. LKH was a pioneer of the vampire hunter stuff. You must try her first books.

    Another RED WOLF reader! Hoorah!!!!


  11. Okay - another post before I trot off to the classroom like the good little teacher I am.

    SOmeone just reminded me that the FOUNTAINHEAD by Ayn Rand was equally as terrificx as Atals Shrugged. And I must concede that this is tue. Actually, I pondered whether to out list that one, or Atlas Shrugged as my top favs. But in the end, the story of a woman and her compkany brought down by the sheer stupidity (and jealousy) of the political mindset of the masses, did it for me. Not to mention the fact that the romance bewteen the hero and heroine was, if not graphic, super well-developed and believable.

    I'm a sucker for a story with all the elements in tact, and an intellectual side.

    But then, as I confessed, I like everything, in any genre, if it's well-written or can transport me to another place. Funny. Heavy. Literary. Dark. Light. Mystery. Romance. Sci-Fi. Fantasy.
    All there for me to snap up and enjoy.

    Linda - putting on her teacher hat.

  12. P.S. Pardon those pesky typos in the last comment. I try to type faster than my fingers will accommodate.


  13. Hi Linda!

    I bought brand new, BIG bookcases last year and they're already overflowing! On the nightstand is Kay Hooper's newest BLOOD TIES and then RED WOLF jumped into the next spot because I can't wait to dig into that one!

    Pam S.

  14. Hi Linda!
    I read everything I started reading w/ Doc Savage , then philosophy, Barbara Cartland,and Loveswept. Mostly I love series and I'm there. I look at a cover the blurb and decide. Your covers are hot and on my list to do:) when I get some down time and can pick up a book to read your next.
    I want to be like you when I grow up. Oh wait I am grown up. LOL

  15. great blog.
    I am reading and listening to whatever looks interesting at the time. Just finished "Agnes and the Hitman" by jennifer crusie, on to "Ms. Hempel Chronicles" by Sarah Shun-Lien Bynum and at night a little Stephanie Plum.
    Most of my reading right now is non fiction, but I take frequent driving and listening breaks with Diana Gabaldon.

  16. I would have to agree with you on holding a book I have to hold a book. There is just something about holding a book that just brings the story a little bit closer to life for me. There is that excitement with turning the next page will she or won't she or something that just grabs you to hold on.
    Now my favorite stories um well I am reading Susan Mallery's books I love her sheikh storys those are my favorite from her. I just finished reading THE ATLANTIS CODE by Charles Brokaw which was an amazing read from the first page till the last page. There are quite a few more books that are my favorite but this will turn into a long list.

  17. Well, currently I'm reading a JD Robb. First one, I might add. I don't usually read paranormal (I know you are giving me the evil eye right now). I like chick lit, light, happy books that make me laugh. Yeah. But I appreciate all kinds of writing, so I'm open to reading about werewolves, witches and vamps.

    I'm waiting to read a Francine Rivers. She does Christian better than anyone. And I love historicals. That one's on my Kindle. I like it, too. Perfect for my purse and no pages get torn.

  18. Well well... I'm back after a very long day. It's 9 PM and I just arrived at my computer. Lots of good stuff here! Wow.

    Thanks Pam and Mary for wanting to read my stuff, and Mary - for wanting to be me when you grow up. Tee-hee.

    Dear Maryanne- you know, I haven't visite Diana Gabaldon for a long time, but I recall being entralled with the first couple of books. Appreciate the reminder about her long, long bookd - perfect for those times when you need a book you can't Possibly finish in two days.

    I'll check back tomorrow and see if any of you leave a message. This is so cool - hearing about what you're up to!


  19. To aloverofbooks--- Book holding Sistas! Yeah. I haven't heard of Atlantis Code. I wonder if anyone else here has read it? Your recommendation is a good one - you said good from first page to last..... well... that's high praise indeed, and worth a look!


  20. Dear Liz Talley - I have a book for you! My BARBIE AND THE BEAST book from Dorchester. Check it our on my web site. Guaranteed to make you laugh... it's pure frivious, girly fun and games. I call it a "romp through the trials of paranormal dating." Chic-lit meets paranormal.

    And on my website I explain about how the book came about....
    and how well it did in the American Title 3 National Contest from Dorchester and Romantic Times Book Review Magazine.

    I also have a light side. Love to laugh.

    xo Linda