Friday, February 12, 2010

Film on Friday -- The Hugh Jackman Quiz

Romance of a different Hugh!  Or for a change of pace Australian Romance superstar Valerie Parv does a Hugh Quiz.
What is it with guys named Hugh? Hugh Jackman, Huge Laurie, Hugh Grant…well maybe the last one is debatable, but HJ and Dr House both reduce me to puddles of mush. There’s some similarity between their styles – don’t you think? Both are “bad boy” types with cheeky smiles and powerhouse personalities. They take no prisoners when it comes to doing what’s right. And woe betide anyone who comes between them and the people they care about.

Okay, enough drooling. Valerie hides soggy towel under her desk. Let’s get down to today’s blog.

Yes, I know you want to talk about Hugh, so I have a signed copy of Heart and Craft you can win in my Hugh Jackman Trivia Quiz. Stay tuned.

First let’s look at what makes men like him work as heroes. I believe it’s all the above plus the fact that they’re unavailable. Would we feel the same if Hugh crossed our path in real life. Valerie flutters hand across face.

To me, it’s all about escape – not from dull reality, but from TOO MUCH reality. Women still do the lion’s chare of the nurturing. Romance gives us something back, even if only in fantasy. Our heroes never ask what’s for dinner, or where their socks are. Great guys, great sex, total adoration, no everyday worries. Not much wrong with that, is there?

I’m saying all this and more at Valentine’s Day in the National Library in Canberra tonight, followed by a book signing, then screening of Paperback Hero. Which brings us back to…

Valerie’s Hugh Jackman Trivia Quiz
1.What is Hugh’s middle name?
2. In what year was he chosen as one of People magazine’s “Sexiest People Alive”?
3. What unlikely award did he win at the 17th Annual Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards?
4. In which film was his character flushed into a sewer?
5. Whose house did he think he’d blown up when he got Punk D?

Email your answers to with Hugh in the subject line. First in with all answers correct wins the book.

Valerie Parv is the author of 22 nonfiction titles and 50 romance novels with sales over 26 million in two dozen languages. She is contributing editor of Heart and Craft and a collection of romantic stories, How Do I Love Thee? (both Allen & Unwin 2009) and her romantic suspense, Code Name: Prince, will be reissued in May as part of Harlequin’s Men in Uniform collection. Contact her at


  1. I confess I am a fan of Hugh #1 and Hugh #3. Paperback Hero was a great movie. Wish I could be at the National Library to hear your speech, Valerie!

    Jennie Adams

  2. Yay, we have a winner. It's another author, Michele Sayre, so well done Michele. Email me your postal addy and a copy of Heart & Craft will be winging it's way to you.

    The answers are:
    1. Hugh's middle name is Michael
    2. He was the voted Sexiest Man Alive in 2008
    3. He won a burping contest, beating Justin Timberlake and receiving his prize from previous winner, Cameron Diaz.
    4. The movie was Flushed Away where he voiced Roddy, the spoiled pet mouse
    5. He was Punk'D into thinking he'd blown up the house of his friend, X-Men director, Brett Ratner.

    Happy Hughing,


  3. I am impressed at how quickly you got the winner Valerie!!!

    Don't you think the man on the front cover of How Do I love Thee has a certain HJ quality?

  4. Valkyrie! How wonderful to see you here! (Or perhaps, using 'batcavespeak how dreadful to see you here! ) Missed you!

    Hang on though . . . Kate spots the soggy towel Valerie hid - that's a yellow towel! The one from the famous Hugh-in-a-towel pic - and now it's under your desk. That means it's not still around . . .


  5. Hi Jennie, Michele, Kate and Liz. Great to see you here, too. Might know you'd spot the absence of towel, Kate. I was trying to think more lofty thoughts.
    Why is everybody falling about laughing?

    Before I did my talk tonight, I was shown where the category romance collection lives in the stacks. Great to see them treated so respectfully. The librarian is a romance fan! The talk was a blast with more questions than we had time for, followed by a book signing and the movie screening.

    Will now have to more closely check the cover of How Do I Love Thee for signs of Hugh.


  6. Bit late in posting Valerie. But I just wanted to say that HJ is totally, totally, 10000000% droolicious! Have a good weekend. Caroline x

  7. Thanks Caroline, of course I agree LOL. Was thinking that Paperback Hero, when deconstructed, is a useful guide to romance writing. Strong yummy hero, equally strong heroine who has the courage of her convictions and forces the hero to face his flaws in order to win her love. A solid conflict and theme about being true to yourself. The best happy ever after. Could probably make a whole thesis out of it. Wonder if anybody has.

  8. Been up to my eyeballs in that stuff called REALITY, Valerie, or I'd have been here sooner to celebrate Hughness. Thanks for the quiz and for brightening my day!

    It's always a good day with Hugh smiling from a blog page or magazine page.