Saturday, January 09, 2010

Wild Card Weekend -- Family Edition

The work-week is over and The Pink Heart Society welcomes Historicals author Deb Marlowe to share with us all her Family Legends...

A family can be a wonderful, exasperating and powerful thing.

Our families can bolster us, engulf us in warmth and make us feel safe. They can also strip our defenses and push our buttons like nobody else on the planet. I've seen grown adults that I've known for years completely change their personality when they come into the presence of their family. Every person is different and so is every family. I know people who long to be with theirs, others who push them away and some who simply shake their heads helplessly when the subject is mentioned. It's a fascinating topic, one that affects nearly all of us, and one that provides endless story fodder!

I grew up in a semi-large extended family, with grandparents, aunts and cousins all living close together. We were in and out of each other's houses—and lives—all the time. It made for a great childhood and one of my favorite parts of it was the family legends—both listening to the adults talk about their history and the younger crowd making up our own as we went along. Of course, it could become inconvenient when I brought a boyfriend home. There was always someone willing to drag out my most embarrassing moments, sometimes with photographic evidence!

When I got married and moved away, leaving my family behind was the hardest part. Now my own family is busy creating legends, but I'll never forget the stories of war and love and hardship and joy that I grew up with.

Do you have family legends that have been passed down through the ages? Are you surrounded by a large and nosy family? What's the most embarrassing thing that your family has revealed about you?

Deb's latest release, Tall, Dark and Disreputable deals with family issues and a mysterious family legend. You can read an excerpt at her website,


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  3. Deb - I have to say my family is pretty boring but my husband's...oh my. Get togethers are something. SO I know exactly what you mean!

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