Thursday, January 28, 2010

What Are You Reading Thursday - Kimberly Lang

Check out what's on Kimberly's keeper shelf today for What Are You Reading Thursday!

I thought this post would be so easy – I’ve read some fabulous books recently. Then I realized that gushing about my fellow Modern Heat/Presents authors Lucy King and Kate Hardy might seem a little nepotistic. (But the books are fantastic! Really! Go read them!)

So on to the other reading I’m doing right now. Well, I had to sort through my bookshelves in order to get our house ready to go on the market. Surely y’all can relate to the dangers of wandering through your Keeper Shelves, right? I mean they’re called “Keepers” for a reason. You’re guaranteed to get sucked right in, just like if you ran into a high-school BFF in a coffee shop in a distant city.

In this case, it’s my Johanna Lindsey collection.

Johanna Lindsey wasn’t the author of the first romance novel I ever read, but she was the author of the next thirty or so. My mom was – and still is – a huge Lindsey fan, and her books were all over our house. (If I ever manage to meet Johanna and get an autograph for my mom, I’ll have hit the last deity of my mom’s Romance Trinity.) To me, these books were like crack: one small hit and I was hooked, doing everything to get the next hit.

Two words, my friends: Tony Malory.

Tony Malory was my gateway to rakes, rouges, and sardonic smiles. I fed the craving with the rest of the Malory clan, and by then I was an addict. I’ve never been far from a romance novel since.

Of course, my collection of Lindsay Keepers has mostly original covers – including that run in the early 90’s when Fabio was everything from a Viking to a Scottish laird to a Native American. In some instances, Fabio was on the cover of more than one connected book – representing brothers, and in a couple of instances, his own father-in-law. In retrospect, that’s a little disturbing.

Not all of Lindsey’s books have aged well in this new millennium. I re-read Silver Angel last year and just couldn’t get past what some euphemistically call “forced seductions.” But Lindsey’s Warrior's Woman was my first science fiction romance (still adore that book—I still laugh when Challen kills the chair), my first Native American romance (Chandos and Courtney), my first Viking, and, of course, the foundation for my knowledge of viscounts, marquises, and other assorted nobility.

Re-reading my collection of Lindseys is like visiting with old friends: Nick and Regina, James and Georgina, Sheena and Jamie, Brenna and Garrick, Colt and Jocelyn.

So do you “Love a Lindsey?” Any of them on your Keeper shelf? I was forced to box mine up or else I still be working on that one bookshelf, but we can chat about them here…


Kim's latest release is Boardroom Rivals, Bedroom Fireworks out now in the UK.

She also has Magnate's Mistress...Accidentally Pregnant out in  North America in February!

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  1. Do I love a Lindsey? (And I do remember the marketing from the early to mid 80s)

    I used to, particularly when I was at university. My copies are all long gone I am afraid...I can remember when her first Regency came out -- Tony's niece as the heroine. And I thought -- goodness me, look at what can be done with a Regency.
    I also enjoyed her Vikings.
    Whether I would now is another question altogether...and I don't want to reread as it would spoil it.

  2. Ahh, so you've thrown down the gauntlet Kim.

    If romantic fiction is sometimes viewed as a guilty pleasure then Lindsay and her 'enforced seductions!!' were definitely among the guiltiest.

    Remember reading some in the 1980s and while they were certainly well written and often beautifully crafted I found they were a little too guilty for me. I much preferred Judith McNaught myself for lush, torrid historicals... And they're all still on my keeper shelf.

  3. I loved Johanna's books and their Bodice Ripper covers. That's what they were called right? I think her books singlehandedly gave Fabio his career.

  4. A Lindsey is one thing my daughter and I agree on! And Tony...OMG!! I lived for a new Malory adventure. In "Warrior Woman," I loved Martha, the smart ass computor. :-)

    Thanks for the great memories.

  5. Shirley Busbee Judith McNaught, Johanna Lindsey, (early) Sandra Brown (also writing as Erin StClaire and Rachael Ryan) are all on my keeper shelf. Loved Johanna's Viking stories.

  6. Love Johanna Lindsey! In fact, I have been trying to catch up on a few of those missed over the past decade, and still have all her books prior to 2000 on my shelves, along with the likes of Elizabeth Lowell and Catherine Coulter.

  7. Oh, I'm so glad we're all Lindsey fans! It's really great to know I'm not alone...

    And yes, Fabio owes a lot to JL:-)

  8. Tony Malory= perfection. Sometimes I wonder if he'd be Johnny Depp with cobalt eyes and a bit taller!

    I love JL, she is a keeper, although most of her new books are lacking the spark her older novels have (except for both Drew and Jeremy's novels, those still had that certain something.)