Monday, January 11, 2010

Male on Monday: Aidan Turner

Kate Walker is always on the lookout for new potential hero material, and she's discovered an actor who seems to have just what she's looking for.

I’m always busy doing research for my books. Research of course involving hunting out potential hero inspiration in the form of actors, singers, models – looking for the type of face and body that will spark off enough interest to ‘cast’ the man in question as the image of the hero of my next book.

But I’m picky. Just any passing handsome face won’t do. I’ve never been a fan of just pretty. I love to write – and read – ambiguous heroes. Men who can appear to be dark and dangerous , who can seem hard and distant on the surface but capable of great charm, gentleness and, of course, a deep once-in-a-lifetime love. Men who can give my hero the whole range of emotions and depth of character I demand of a hero in any story I write.

So it’s not easy to find a new inspiration. After all, there aren’t so many Hugh Jackmans (in a towel or otherwise) around. But last year I found myself watching a drama that claimed to be about the group of artists known as the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood but was really a costume drama/ sexual romp with some interesting characters all dressed in frock coats, flowing shirts, breeches and boots. I was only giving it half – less than half – my attention until I had one of those ‘who is he?’ moments. And I sat up and took more notice.

‘He’ was the actor playing Dante Gabriel Rossetti. A man who, in real life looked like this.

But who in the BBC drama Desperate Romantics looked like this .

That was a face I could use for one of my heroes. He could be dangerous, seductive, angry, gentle. The actor could also be as international as writing for Presents demands. He could pass as a Greek or a Sicilian billionaire. Though he was, as I discovered, actually Irish. The face that had so intrigued me belonged to Aidan Turner who grew up in Tallaght , Dublin. I’m a sucker for an Irish accent so that was another point in his favour.

Apart from a very brief appearance (the blink and you’ll miss it type) in The Tudors, and a role in the Irish RTE medical drama, The Clinic, the other programme that Aidan Turner has caught the public interest with is Being Human.
Being Human is a BBC ‘supernatural drama-comedy’ about as three apparent twenty-something characters sharing a house in Bristol, trying to live a normal social life, despite being a ghost, a werewolf and a vampire respectively.

Of course, vampires are very much the current trend with films like Twilight riding high on the box office charts. But for my money, Aidan Turner is a much more appealing and believable vampire than Robert Pattinson with his attempts to give up drinking blood and try ‘Being Human’ once more. He’s earthy, sexy, dangerous – and of course there’s that Irish accent . . ..

Tall, dark - at 26 Aidan Turner is perhaps a little young yet for a real Presents hero but he definitely has potential. I’ll be interested in watching him mature and – hopefully - grow.
And I’m happy to take the opportunity do a little more research as a brand new second series of Being Human starts tonight on January 10th on BBC 3.
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  1. Mmm, very tasty (and I mean that in a non-bloodsucking way!).. Can't believe he's only 26, he looks older (but in a good way).

    Thanks for the tip Kate, will have to check out Being Human now.

  2. Exactly Donna - glad you approve.

    Don't know if Being Human will reach you 'over the pond' - but Desperate Romantics might.

  3. Hi Heidi - yes he does seem older than 26 - which is great when imagining a Presents hero. I was a bit late catching up on Being Human myself but after I saw him in Desperate Romantics, I said that man was made to play a vampire - and then found out that was exactly what he was doing . . .

    Oh research is such a hard job to do

  4. Being Human has been shown on BBC America, and the DVD will probably be out this year. I can't wait for Desperate Romantics, and since I have a region-free DVD player and I love the Pre-Raphaelites (I've blogged about several at Scandalous Women), I'm dying to see him play Rossetti.

  5. I'm with Heidi - he definitely looks older than 26! But saying that he's on my radar as he is yummy in "Being Human". But I can just see him in a period drama - Mr Darcy anyone? Take care. Caroline x

  6. Hi Elizabeth

    Thanks for letting me know about BH in America. I love the Pre-Raphaelites too. Desperate Romantics is fun. But it's not exactly a serious study of the artists! But Aidan T is a great Rossetti and very very watchable

  7. Hi Caroline - I checked - born
    19th June 1983 so definitely 26. I was talking with my husband about parts that he could play - AT that is, not my husband! And we thought he would make a great Byron. What do you think?

  8. Ohhh yes! Byron definitely - all that brooding intensity he'll be excellent! Caroline x

  9. I went in search of a potential male character for my first novel and fell in love with Christian Bale in his Armani suit. It is probably a cliched image but there is something vulnerable about him.

    By the way Kate, loved your last published novel The Konstantos Marriage.