Saturday, December 26, 2009

What's Coming for 2010...

Today's Boxing Day, and in lieu of a Christmas Box, the editors bring to you a taste of what's ahead for 2010!

We're so excited to be writing this post, because we've been thinking about the year ahead for a long time. 2010 is going to be a blast! We're still going to be bringing you our favourite theme days - so you can get your visual treats on Mondays with our ever popular Male on Monday feature, find out what your favourite authors are reading on Thursdays, read posts on writing craft on Wednesdays, do a little armchair travel on Travel Tuesday, and get to know so many of your favourite category romance authors that much better...

But there's more. So, so, so much more!

One of the things we're thrilled about is a new feature called Industry Insider. Each month we're having a special guest join us for a little insight into their corner of the publishing industry. Join us in January when Borders' own Sue Grimshaw pays us a visit. Come back in the months ahead to chat with an agent, a publicist, special guests from Harlequin's foreign offices, even a cover model...we've got lots of stuff lined up! It all kicks off next week - on the 29th of December with Kimani editor Kelli Martin, who joins us to chat about Kimani Romance and the pitch contest going on over at eharlequin in early January!

PHS editor Jenna is jumping feet first back into the slush pile this year, so you can join in the nail biting and chocolate nibbling each month with Slushing Through. Consider this the aspiring romance writer's support group where you can chat about what you're working on, submitting, requests, or the (gasp!) dreaded R. (Thanks for the vote of confidence, Donna! Geesh!!)

Once a month follow Mira Lyn Kelly as she takes us from first sale through the first year of publication in First Things First. She kicks it all off with her call story in January, and we can't wait to help her celebrate her first release later this year!

PHS editor Michelle Styles brings the ultimate in armchair travel with her column Destination: Life. Consider this a cross between a travelogue and a Bucket List of things to see. Our feet are already itching in anticipation of where she might take us first and what wonders we'll discover!

The last new addition to our features is Donna Alward's monthly column and one that requires YOUR participation! The Pink Heart Society is launching its very own book club called Pink Heart Picks Book Club! Each month there will be a new category romance selection, and at the end of the month we'll blog about it and launch a discussion! The new month's pick will be announced at the end of that blog! The monthly pick will also be put on the PHS sidebar along with the bookclub date for the following month.

To kick it all off, Donna's first book club pick of the year is India Grey's latest, Powerful Italian, Penniless Housekeeper! We had a hard time choosing one book out of all the Harlequin and Silhouette stories out in January, but in the end we couldn't resist a Cinderella story with a deliciously human heroine.

The book should be available everywhere - via eharlequin , or at amazon, Mills and Boon, and in e-book from any of those sites.

We'll be discussing it on January 26, and then I'll reveal the new pick for February!

So that's what's in store in the year ahead, in addition to our already wonderful guests and columnists! Many thanks to the fabulous Ally Blake for designing our new avatars - Ally you are awesome!

We hope you'll join us as we keep saying it loud and proud.....

Category Romance Rocks!


  1. My pleasure Donna!

    And you guys have certainly made me eager to see what you have in store for 2010!


  2. Looks good! Can't wait to read about everything you've listed! Caroline x

  3. Category Romance does rock!!
    I can't wait to read the Slushing Through and First Things First posts. And the Industry Insider. Some of us unpubbed would like to know what's going on in the industry, but it always seems only the pubbed are in the know.

  4. Looking forward to 2010 and especially the book club with India's book which I have on my tbr pile.

    Happy New Year PHS friends!