Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Travelling Tuesday :: Going Home

The holidays send many of us into a frenzy - all that cooking and shopping and egad, traveling. The Pink Heart Society's own Jenna Bayley-Burke is here today talking about going home...or not.

There's that saying - you can't go home again - and boy howdy, is it ever true! Home is never quite as you remember it, those warm memories nearly impossible to recapture. Over the Thanksgiving weekend, we packed up the kids and headed to my parents house. The baby didn't sleep either night we stayed, the boynados were more tornados than boys, and I didn't even make it to see any of my childhood friends. All in all, it was an experience not worth repeating.

So, we're staying home for the holidays. It's taken years, children, a dog and a mortgage to make where I live my 'home'. Maybe that's why 'going home' has lost it's appeal. I 'go home' every day after dropping the boys at school.

Finding home - whether returning to or building your own - is a recurring theme in romance novels. I think this is because women struggle to find the balance with this so often. We like to see how other people deal with it - even if they are fictional :) Many of my favorite stories begin with one of the characters returning to town - either as a raging success or to regroup or to finally take care of unfinished business. It's a fabulous way to see where a character has been and wants to go, all in one simple shot. (Hmmm, must explore this more in the next book)

I'll be catching up with friends on Facebook, but I know many people will be travelling for the holidays. Whether making the obligatory visit to grandma's or finally getting your arms around your new neice, be sure to make new memories. Memories are the only things sweeter than the real thing.

If you're heading out this season, keep in mind these few things ::

Pack light. If you're visiting family, you can use their washing machine.
Gift cards. Easily portable, transferable...and no shipping costs.
Power up. Keep your cell phone and camera fully charged.
Hand sanitizer. It's not fun to get sick. Ever.
Embrace Gumdrop Gawdiness. Yes, the 14 reindeer on your aunt's front lawn is overkill. Everyone knows, so there's no need to bring it up until you're back with your girlfriends and trying to prove who's relatives are the nuttiest. (psst...I have one who sets their holiday lights to flicker in time with Klezmer music...top that!)
Oh, Honey. If you don't know someone's name, just Honey them. Do NOT make the mistake my husband did and call your cousin's wife by his ex-girlfriends name. Oh yeah, it happened.

Happy Holidaze, y'all! Safe travels!

Anyone have a travelling tip to share? An embarassing holiday name snafu? And does anyone dare try to top my relative who trips the light fantastic? Anyone?

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