Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Talk Time: Christmas Down Under

Melanie Milburne talks about Christmas and having it in the height of summer!

At this time of year all anyone seems to talk about is Christmas and the weather. Yes, even in Australia, or at least in Tasmania where I live, the weather is a big issue. Cooking a full on Christmas dinner in hot weather is not easy so there are a lot of us who envy those in the Northern Hemisphere who get to enjoy all the gorgeous food while a fire is burning in the grate and not dangerously close in the bush nearby!

Quite a few years ago my husband and I spent four years living in Scotland and I can tell you it has spoilt Christmas for me ever since. I adored having a Scottish Christmas and Hogmanay to follow. I loved the way Princes Street in Edinburgh was so beautifully lit up and every tenement house on our street across from The Meadows had a twinkling tree in the window. It was so very different from the Christmas experience at home. Having both come from Sydney the temperatures at Christmas were usually scorching, and in my family we would still do the whole turkey and roast vegetables and pudding thing. How exhausting it all was when I think back on it now.
Thankfully Tasmania has a cool temperate climate so we can even have snow on Mount Wellington at Christmas. We often spent the holiday season at our beach house. I have a few photos of me checking on the turkey whilst wearing my wetsuit! A quick surf, a turn of the potatoes and back into the water. Bliss!
Reading is one of the best parts of holiday time. I have a couple of books out now for Christmas- The Future King’s Love Child from The Royal House of Karedes Continuity and in January a Medical title- The Doctor’s Rebel Knight. I hope you get a chance to read them and all the other books on your to-be-read pile, which if it is anything like mine, will mean you will have to have months off on holidays, not weeks or days!
This Christmas is very special for us as our gorgeous miniature poodle Polly is expecting her first litter a few days later. That will be the nicest present of all to see her with the safe delivery of her puppies.
What are you doing for Christmas? Is anyone doing something incredibly exciting or adventurous or unusual?
Whatever you are doing make it as safe as possible and of course happy.
With best wishes,
Melanie Milburne
Australian author Melanie Milburne writes for both the Medical and Presents line. You can read more about Melanie, see pictures of Australian lifestyle and learn about her upcoming books at on her website.


  1. Hey Melanie great post! Like you I live in a country where Christmas is during the height of summer! South Africa. Having spent most of my younger years in Holland and Englad it always feels like the heat makes a mockery of the whole "Christmas" package! I mean walking around your Christmas tree in a swimming costume is just something you can never get used to! Bring on the snow!

    Happy holidays!

  2. Melanie,
    Chiming in from sunny Florida's east coast, home to Disney World and rocket launches, where the temps were in the mid-80's yesterday. But have no fear, cold is in my future. We're heading to Maryland for the holidays where there's sure to be cold, cold, cold, and maybe even some snow.

  3. Waving from very cold 18 degrees but sunny Seattle. I would die for some warmth about now with record low temps.

    Loved your addition to The Royal House of Karedes... Seb was quite the alpha.