Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Temptation Tuesday - Lipstick

Tracy Wolff pays the PHS a visit with a wonderful temptation - the lure of lipstick!

I’m a girly-girl. A diva. A princess, who has an addiction for all things pretty and shiny. From earrings to shoes to clothes to purses, I’m a big believer in the more the merrier. But my number one girly temptation, bar-none, is lipstick.

I love lipstick. I love everything about lipstick. The way it looks, the way it makes me feel, the way it smells when I walk up to a make-up counter at my favorite department store. I love lipstick and lip gloss and lip venom and lip plumpers and lip balm and … You get the point.

There’s just something about all that color—whether it’s red or pink or coral or brown or nude or gold or blue—that appeals to me. Maybe it’s the ability to change it with my mood or the fact that every color makes me feel a little like a different person. Or maybe it’s just that nothing gives me confidence the way slicking on a little lipstick does.

I spoke at a Dallas area RWA meeting a number of months ago, and was invited to go to dinner with some of the board on the night before my speech. Excited about the chance to socialize (if there’s one thing I like more than lipstick it’s the chance to meet new people) I packed my suitcase and drove the three hours north from Austin—only to find, to my dismay, that my make-up case had somehow rolled out of my bag before I’d left the house. I was make-up-less, not just for the dinner (which in my world is bad enough) but for the speech the next morning. Add to that, I knew the malls would be closed by the time I had finished dinner, and any chance I had of stopping by Macy’s would be gone.

To say I freaked out was to put it mildly. The idea of walking into a room full of women who would be looking directly at me for over an hour without so much as a little lip gloss on my lips filled me with horror. Enter my hubby, who happened to be in Dallas that weekend for work, and a very frantic phone call from me begging him to run to the nearest Lancome or Mac counter and get me some lipstick. I didn’t care about the rest—I could definitely wing it without my full face—but there was no way I was going up in front of over 100 women without lipstick. Preferably red.

My honey came through in a big way and the day was saved. The speech went on and I sold lots of books. Maybe it seems superficial to put that much stock in a little tube of paint, but it’s not the lipstick. Or at least, not just the lipstick. It’s the way I feel when I’m wearing it. More confident. More polished. More ready to face whatever is coming at me. Odd, I know, but also true.

I think most women have something that makes them feel more confident. Maybe it’s a favorite dress or a sparkly pair of earrings or a squirt of their favorite perfume. For Vivian, my heroine in my December Superromance, The Christmas Present, it’s a great pair of shoes. She’s a lawyer, in over her head on a pro-bono case where she’s defending an innocent kid against a murder rap. For her, putting on killer shoes is like putting on armor—she can do anything in them, including fall in love, stand-up to her overbearing mother and even win an acquittal for a boy the system has all but given up on.

So, how about you? What’s your little confidence booster? What makes you feel better about facing the world on days when you need a little pick-me-up?

Rafael Cardoza needs a lawyer. A good one well versed in criminal law is the only hope to save the wrongfully accused kid from Rafael's community center. So how does he end up with uptown divorce attorney Vivian Wentworth? The chances of her successfully defending this case are slim to none. If Rafael were smart, he'd show Vivian the door.

Too bad his attraction to her is clouding his judgment. And when he can finally see past his libido, he realizes that there's more to Vivian than her family name and her designer clothes. In fact, she's working so hard to clear the kid's name, they just might win. It's the best Christmas gift Rafael could receive…or would that be Vivian agreeing to stay with him?


  1. Tracy --
    That reminds me of my mother who when she was in college always wore bright red lipstick. Apparently one day she was out,and went to a test. The professor took one look and told her to go home as she was obviously ill.

  2. Lovely post, Tracy. And made me think... and yes, whenever I do a talk or I have an awards do or something, it's nail varnish. Fuschia pink. (Most of the time I don't wear it. But for talks - I forgot it when I was doing one in Lincoln last year and had to go buy some especially!)

  3. Michelle, LOL! I was running late to a class my freshman year in college and didn't put make-up on. My prof spent the whole class staring atme like he was afraid I was going to keep lover any minute.

    Oooh, Kate, nail polish! What a great confidence booster! I used to wear it, but now my boys spend hteir times trying to peel it off my fingers ... not an attractive look!

  4. Hi Tracy - great blog. For me it has to be a bit of concealer - just to even out the skin tone. In truth I've never worn makeup (shock horror!) but last week at the work's Christmas party I actually put on a bit of lipstick! The amount of comments I got from colleagues was staggering! Honestly you would have thought I'd grown two heads - lol. Take care. Caroline x

  5. Ooh, Carolie, concealer is a good one. I don't bother with a full face most days as I only teach twice a week now and am home typing on the computer the rest, but concealer is definitely a confidence booster! Thanks.

  6. **Waving to Ms. Tracy**

    Ms Donna, you have a very amazing place here. *Hats off to you*
    And Ms. Tracy is an awesome lady!!!

    I absolutely love the story!!! I will never look at lipstick the same way again =) But I do know what you mean. For me... It would just have to be my attitude and a little piece of chocolate!
    I hope everyone has a great day!

  7. Yay, Cecile! Thanks for visiting me over here :) Yes, attitude is 99% of it, isn't it?

  8. You are more than welcome Tracy! For me... it is about attitude! I believe it all comes from within us, our souls, our hearts and our thoughts!