Monday, December 28, 2009

Liz Fielding joins us this holiday Monday with a legend whose allure surpasses time...

Like most romance authors I have a big file with dozens of pictures of gorgeous men. Some of them are favourites from movies, some are just pictures of men who look like someone who could be a hero of one of my books. It’s always fun going through the file at the beginning of a new book and picking our exactly the right man.

But my Male on Monday doesn’t come from my files. He comes from my memory. The memory of a little girl who fell in love with this really cool actor who turned up regularly on Saturday night in old black and white movies on the television. Cary Grant was not only gorgeous to look at, but he made me laugh. The original king of the romcom – BRINGIN UP BABY anyone? -- he was my first crush, before I even knew what a crush was. And while his gift was for comedy, he could make you cry, too. I give you, AN AFFAIR TO REMEMBER.

His career was so long and illustrious that I was still going to see his films at the movies with my best mate, Jan, on Saturday afternoons as a teenager. And still swooning, even though he was old enough to be my grandfather. Remember CHARADE? (We were both also entranced by Audrey Hepburn and her wardrobe!) And those scenes on the train with Eve Marie Saint in NORTH BY NORTHWEST. Subtle, seductive, required watching for the romance writer – thank goodness!

My daughter bought me a pile of videos of Cary Grant movies for a Christmas present (she loves a good romcom!) I’d seen INDISCREET when it was first released, and there was A TOUCH OF MINK, but THE BISHOP’S WIFE was new to me – Cary Grant as an angel; gorgeous movie. And I hunted down a copy of TO CATCH A THIEF. Now I’m thinking I need to get them all again on DVD.

And even in his eighties he was still knee-meltingly handsome.

“People’s Angel” Annie wanted anonymity…
…”girl next door” Lydia wanted the spotlight.

They both found love.



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  1. Love, love, love Cary Grant. My favorite actor of all time. My husband's dream woman is a cross between Angelina Jolie and Julia Child. I told him he can have them both if I get Cary Grant. :-)

  2. Oh Cary Grant. He was wonderful. He did some great movies.
    Father Goose. Operation Petticoat. Notorious.
    The list goes on and on.
    He is one of the Hall of Fame leading men.

  3. I used to love watching old movies with my nan as a kidlet, Bringing up Baby was an all time favourite!
    I am a massive Katherine Hepburn fan.

  4. Great choice, Liz. I have a soft spot for Cary Grant (and James Stewart!).

    Not heard of "The Bishop's Wife" but I bet he'd make a fabulous angel. Utterly charming.

  5. LOL, Jill.

    Michelle - I'd forgotten Father Goose.

    Girlitt - I love Katherine Hepburn, too. Such style.

    Kate -- The Bishop's Wife has the added bonus of David Niven as the Bishop! James Stewart -- watched The Man Who Shot Liberty Valence last week!

  6. Oh Liz, what a great choice... My favourite Cary Grant is a toss up between the high society comedy The Philadelphia Story (no man was ever sexier shoving a woman in the face!) and the tense Hitchock thriller Notorious (all that smouldering sexuality beneath the dark brooding exterior, not your typical Cary at all and all the more delicious for it).

    See now I'm going to have to dig out all my Cary DVDs.

    H x

  7. Oh yes, Charade, North by NothWest, To Catch a Thief...

    Shall now have to look for The Bishop's Wife.

    Excellent choice, Liz!

  8. Years ago I worked a 3-11 pm shift. There was not much to do when I got home from work and most nights I was too wired to sleep. One of the TV channels (ok, dating myself--this was long before video/DVD/PC technology) ran old movies from 1-3 am.

    I fell in love with all the black/white and early color films of the 30s, 40s and 50s. Cary Grant was one of those actors that left such an impression on me.

  9. I was channel-surfing one day and stopped on Turner Classic Movies. They were showing a bunch of Cary Grant movies. Can't remember the titles though I did enjoy them. All I know for sure is he is definitely swoon-worthy!

  10. What would we do without those channels showing great old movies?

    I bonded with my bestest friend at college over an old Cary Grant movie, no idea of the title, with a stupid joke that we both remembered.

    You remind me of a man
    What man?
    A man with the power
    The power of what?
    The power of voodoo
    You do?
    Remind me of a man...

    And so it went on.

  11. To me Cary Grant and Doris Day in "That Touch of Mink was is one of the best films ever! They were great together.
    Cary was such a debonair man - he always reminds me of what a gentleman is really all about. Take care. Caroline x

  12. Hi Liz,

    What a fantastic choice of Male on Monday. Cary Grant was so charismatic and charming and gorgeous. I love watching 'Bringing Up Baby' and 'Charade' and all those others. I know he's inspired lots of romantic daydreams over the years and he stood the test of time.

    By the way, I just treated myself to your 'Christmas Angel for the Billionaire' and it was a fantastic treat. Thank you so very much!

  13. Hi Caroline

    Well, Doris Day was fabulous, too. I love her older movies. On Moonlight Bay. And one she made with Frank Sinatra and Gig Young.

    Wonderful memories!

  14. Hi Annie!

    Thanks so much for saying that Christmas Angel was a treat. I'm feeling very smiley right now!

  15. LOVE Cary Grant. Love him. All he had to do was step on the screen and your eyes went to him immediately. He set the standard for romantic comedy, and nobody ever did it better.

    He was also remarkably good at physical comedy, which I appreciate, because a lot of good-looking, talented men might have balked at making themselves the butt of the joke. But not Cary. Whether it was falling tail over teakettle over a chair in ARSENIC AND OLD LACE or playing second fiddle to a leopard in BRINGING UP BABY, Cary brought the goods every time.

  16. I love, love, love Cary Grant! I have several of his movies in my old movie collection. He was just everything a hero should be even when he was playing a bad guy.