Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year from all at The Pink Heart Society! As we mark time until the fireworks explode, the apple drops and the champagne corks pop, Brigid Coady looks back over the part decade.

So that was 2009 was it? That was the first decade of the 21st Century? Blimey doesn’t time fly!

It has been a tumultuous decade where everything we took for granted and believed was safe and stable was shaken to the foundations. We started 2000 with a sense of security and optimism, we finish 2009 battered and bruised but I think still with a sense of optimism. At least I do. There are glimmers and hints that we can make it, may be in a different world and landscape than we ever imagined.

As writers and readers we have the imagination to handle this. I like to think that as we deal in ‘what if’s’ most days, we have the flexibility to roll with the punches that we are dealt. We have embraced everything the technological age has brought to us and made it our own. E-Books, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs… the more ways there are to communicate and connect the more ways we find to use them. We take our dreams and our stories and spread them wide, bringing a bit of hope and love with every byte (and of course pictures of Hugh in a Towel).

I am optimistic. I see where I was ten years ago and where I am now. At the beginning of 2000 I had buried all my childhood dreams of being a writer and was still bumbling around trying to figure out what I wanted to do. I still bumble around (who doesn’t?) but the last ten years have brought me the joy of joining this fantastic community of romance writers and readers. I have finished a book. I have submitted it and subsequently had it rejected. But I did it. And next year I will have a short story published in an anthology. I know the Brigid of 2000 would never have dreamed where I would be now.

When I saw in 2000 on the bank of the Thames, watching the fireworks, I was sharing a flat with my sister and in a job I hated. I had started my radio training. I had no boyfriend. And I had no idea of what or who I wanted to be.

As I teeter on the brink of 2010, some things have changed and some things haven’t. I own my own flat; I work for myself and have my own radio show. Ok so I still don’t have a boyfriend. However the biggest change is I know what and who I want to be because I am that person.

I am a writer.

Who knows what else I will become in the next ten years, or even by the end of 2010, but I can’t wait to find out. What do you want to become?

Brigid is currently working on a YA novel which WILL be finished in 2010! Her short story ‘The Great Leap Forward’ will be published in the anthology ‘Even More Tonto Short Stories’ in May 2010. You can find her on Twitter as @beecee

Brigid is single and open to offers…


  1. Great positive NY post; just how I'm feeling too.

    Looking forward to seeing your story in EMTSS, I have one in there too and very chuffed about it!

    Happy New Year!

  2. Great post Bids! But your last line is priceless.

    Happy New Year!

  3. Ah Hugh in a towel. Just to remind us of all that is good in life. All the best for 2010 and a fabulous new decade.

  4. Hi Kelly - Happy New Year! And I can't wait to see both our stories in EMTSS!

    Donna - hey got to try every eventuality!

    Sally - Hugh in a towel is the best way to end and start any year.

    Michelle - thank you! And hooray to you too x


  5. Great blog Biddy! Hope you have a great 2010 and beyond.

    Love the picture of Hugh baby - growl - he is so hunky!

    At the age of 47 next BD I'm getting married - never thought I would again - but never say never!

    Take care. Caroline x

  6. Thank you Caroline! And CONGRATULATIONS on getting married. I'm never saying never myself... but ho hum.


  7. Lovely blog, Biddy! Happy new year.

    (And congrats to Caroline, too!)

  8. Wonderful post Brigid. Looking forward to reading your short story. My goal for 2010 is to sell another book and to continue to travel.

  9. Happy New Year everyone. I had a quite one with friends, dinner out and Meryl Steeps new movie It's Complicated, we all died laughing!

    Looking forward to 2010 books to review. Speaking of which, hoping to see some of you join The Pink Heart Society Team on EHarlequin, posting your reviews of what you're reading.