Saturday, November 28, 2009

Wild Card Weekend :: The Pleasure of Knowing What You're Gonna Get

Raising two feisty girls under the age of two while having a writing career means Ally Blake's lying-back-on-the-couch-reading/watching-movies-time is at an absolute premium. Can you blame her for going back and back and back to perennial favourites?

I was watching Monsters Inc today. Don't blame me - I have a two year old with bright grey eyes and a head full of curls and when she says, "Mike and Thully and Boob on TV, please Mummy," there ain't no stopping me...

That said, even after she went down for a nap I watched til the end. Even though I've seen the movie fifty times. Likely more. And why? Because the final line just gets me where I live. It's so beautiful, so poignant, so uplifting, so warm, that I cry. Each and every time. Without fail. Big fat sloppy tears. Even though I know what's coming. Even though I'll stand in the kitchen, dish towel in hand, just waiting for it to unfold.

And it got me to thinking - isn't that the wonderful thing about category romance novels. At the end of the day you now what's coming. You know the hero and heroine are going to get their acts together and fall in love at the end, yet you read on, on tenterhooks, holdiong your breath awaiting for that moment to finally unfold so that it may leave you feeling beautiful, poignant, uplifted, warm.

I have many, many, many "keeper" Harlequin novels on my bookshelves, but only a handful get a workout again and again. One is Janet Dailey's Enemy In Camp. I've read this book sooo many times the spine is falling apart. Yet still, there is one point in the book when I always, always cry. And yet I go back for more.

Here's some more ways I feed my gluttony for emotional punishment, again and again and again.

Cyrano de Bergerac - the book and the Gerard Depardieu movie both. And yep, it's the final line that has me sobbing mashed-pumpkin splattered t-shirt. Notting Hill - the final scene as the camera sweps away, pure sobbing heaven. Funny Girl - jibbering mess.

Love 'em. And others like 'em. And with only so many hours in my life to enjoy some me time, I'm gonna get my kicks where I know I'm gonna find 'em!

I'm sure I'm not alone. What movies/books/TV shows bring you to the verge of a delicious emotional breakdown and keep you coming back for more?

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  1. I can remember when my eldest was young, I watched Disney's Beauty and the Beast over and over again. The film worked for me.
    Romancing the Stone always has worked for me. And I can watch Casablanca.

    With Monsters Inc, my eldest prepared for his Russian A level by watching it in Russian. So it is good for other things as well.

  2. Oh Ally, I just finished reading The Time Traveler's Wife and that had me blubbing on the train back from Wiltshire... That book broke my heart.

    So now I'm picking up Nat Anderson's latest which I bought last week at my local Borders (which is sadly about to close down... another reason to blub) to cheer me up!

  3. If I need a good cathartic cry -- Steel Magnolias. I'll start blubbering at the beginning just to get a head start.

    But it makes me laugh too -- "My personal tragedy will not interfere with my ability to do good hair."

  4. I read Jullie Garwood's historicals over and over and my daughter and I are huge chick flick fans - we'll watch our fav's over and over like Pride & Prejudice, 27 Dresses, Notting Hill, The Wedding Date and many more.

  5. I love working girl. Especially the bit where Harrison Ford tells S. Weaver she has a bony ass. Uplifting moment, especially as Mel Griffith is sporting a realistic dimply one!