Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday Temptations - Rocking the Wii

At the beginning of 2009, Pink Heart Society columnist Kate Hardy introduced us all to the Wii Fit. Well, Jenna Bayley-Burke has decided the Wii is good for other things than exercising...

Procrastination is the ultimate temptation, for writers at least. My procrastination tool of choice (other than Farmville) is the Wii. We celebrate Chanukkah, which means 8 wild nights of fried food, gift giving, and usually some kind of game that involves losing money. Seriously, dreidel can be quite lucrative, as can blackjack after you've run out of Manischewitz.

So last year, tired of being taken to the cleaners by a preschooler, we opted to have a Wii-themed holiday. On opening night we got the Wii, with a new game each night. It was a great idea - even games that were a bust didn't ruin the evening since we could set aside our African Safari aspirations or Scuba Diving dreams to race Mario Karts.

The new still hasn't worn off the Wii, probably because we continue to buy new games - including the Wii Fit on Kate Hardy's reccomendation. We really enjoy most of the games, even if the baby is bummed not to have her own Wii Remote Controller. Maybe they'll upgrade to a 5 controller system one day, or we'll get her a toy one. She'd one, she's not interested in playing, just in having a remote like the rest of us.

I've even convinced myself that my Wii time is research - hear me out! After an hour of Winter Sports, you could probably describe the well-used muscle stiffness after your heroine spends the morning on the slopes. Want to experience the depressing defeat of losing to a master, then play Fritz Chess (or my 8-year old, but you'll have better luck with the computer).

Other games - like Mario Party - are just pure brain candy. We've even taken to playing Monopoly on the Wii so there is no clean up, and no longer watch Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader on TV, because we have our own version at home -- complete with an unbeatable 3rd grader.

The Wii Fit, My Fitness Trainer, and Active Life Outdoor Challenge could actually provide exercise. But we've found that we opt for Mario Super Sluggers over anything that might actually cause you to break a sweat, and Outdoor Challenge is more about the comedic value of watching the people playing, than the actual game (if you ever need a pick-me-up, I highly reccomend watching my husband log jump).

Anyone else tempted to pick up a Wii remote more often than they should? Go on, admit it - and then tell me what you like to play. Specifically....Cooking Mama, Cake Mania, Rock Band, Guitar Hero , or New Super Mario Bros...any good?

Jenna is actually writing this November. While she's busy, be sure to check out Compromising Positions -- available with chocolate, Kama Sutra yoga, a decade old crush and a steady addiction to sugar. To find out what Jenna is up to now...check out her website or almost daily NaNoWriMo reports on her blog


  1. Jenna, I wish you, your family, and your Wii and a very Happy Chanukah! :) I haven’t played many of the games you mentioned but our family has the full band set for Rock Band and Guitar Hero, plus all the games to go with them. That’s right, we have no life. LOL! Thank goodness we have room for the two drum kits, four guitars, and two microphones. :) Congratulations on your latest release, Compromising Positions!

  2. Jenna - I'm such a bad influence *g* - may I suggest that you update to Wii Fit Plus? There's a marching band, a snowball fight AND a fantastic obsctacle course. (And all your scores migrate over, so if you're house Step Plus champion, you stay that way...)

    The kids like Mario Kart and Galaxy. Son prefers the X-box, nowadays, but can still be persuaded to do Rock Band.

    Righty - time for my morning session on the Wii Fit... ;)

  3. PS Sorry, I forgot to say congrats on the new release and happy Chanukkah!

  4. Thanks for your comment.
    I hope one day my blog will be just as popular as yours is now!

  5. The Wii Fit Plus is worth it...hmmm. I like that idea :)

    I'm hearing Rock Band here, ladies...

  6. Hey Jenna!
    Rock Band is great, but Band Hero is better...in my oh-so-humble opinion! Cooking Mama is cool and you get the added benefit of taking your frustrations out on cake. :) Only played the new Super Mario once, but it's great...as fun as the version they released for Nintendo DS a coupla years ago...and, yeah, I'm a video game geek, as long as the video game doesn't involve war games!