Thursday, November 19, 2009

Thursday Talktime: Daring to Dream

Dreams are more than just one book, or one appearance

Sometimes you just know. When I saw first the you tube video of Susan Boyle doing her audition, I thought -- yes this is what dreams are made of. Many thought the final of this would be Susan winning the talent contest. Indeed if it was a hollywood film, she would have.
She came second and the pressure became far too much. She went through the valley of shadows and some dismissed her as not up to it. But her dream was not to win a talent contest, her dream was to be a professional singer and she had an inner core of strength and resolve, bolstered by her faith.
With help, she came through and her first album I Dreamed a Dream is released on 23 November. She is living her dream -- a career as a professional singer. Dreams should never be about just one contest, one performance or one song but about achieving something life changing and lasting.
This is something that all authors of series romance can identify with. It is never about just one book, but about forging a writing career. And walking through the valley of shadows makes the sun filled uplands that much brighter.
The first video is about Susan Boyle and her life and career thus far. It is about hope. Dedication, desire, determination, discipline and most of all persistence.

But is she any good? Is her album all hype and no trousers?
The second video Wild Horses shows why you should buy her album. Not because of her story, but because of her voice and the heart she puts into her songs. If this video doesn't convince, listen to the free samples of the various tracks on Amazon. Her voice conveys a richness and a depth that is sometimes missing in younger singers. She puts her heart into her work and really that is all you can ask.
I know that I will be listening to this album for inspiration again and again because of the depth and complexity of her voice, rather than her story. Bring on the next album! And congratulations to Susan Boyle for having the courage to dream her dreams and not give up.

What dreams have you dared to dream? And what have you done about them lately?

Michelle Styles's latest historical romance The Viking's Captive Princess is a December 2009 release and you can read an excerpt on her website .


  1. What a lovely post Michelle. It bought a tear to my eye. Wild Horses has been played a lot recently on the radio and when I first heard it I had no idea who it was. When the DJ said it was Susan Boyle I was so pleased for her. She had a real tough time out there after Britain's Got Talent. It's good to see that she came through, and dreams do come true. Take care. Caroline x

  2. Michelle, at this moment in time, you rock. (not that you don't always)

    Awesome post, dude.

  3. Michelle,
    Love the post. Every time I see the clip of Susan Boyle, I get tears in my eyes. I love her voice. Her story is an inspiration to all...her CD is on order...

    Thanks for a the great example.

  4. Lovely post, Michelle. And very appropriate today.

  5. Just beautiful! An uplifting tale of how dreams can come true. Susan's story holds a message for us all. Her CD is on my Christmas list.

    Thank you for posting this. It renews faith on many levels.