Thursday, November 26, 2009

Soundtrack Thursday by Kate Hardy

I’ve always had a ‘soundtrack’ for my books – one of my earlier ones (not M&B), when it came out in Germany, actually had ‘with music by Vivaldi and Bon Jovi’ in the blurb! (Especially for my fellow Modern Heat author Kimberly Lang: the song in question was ‘Bed of Roses’.)

Because music's so important to me, I usually end up with a playlist while I'm working. My newest UK release, Falling for the Playboy Millionaire, definitely needed a soundtrack as… OK, I’d better admit it. I love watching Strictly Come Dancing on Saturday nights – and that inspired me to put something in the book to lighten it up and balance the tearjerker bits.

The Modern Heat duo I’m currently writing also needed a soundtrack. As it’s set in France (and the heroine of Book One plays the piano), I ended up playing quite a lot of French piano music for inspiration. Some of it, I can play myself (albeit extremely simplified). And two of my favourite pieces are here, if you’re in the mood for chilling out a bit:

Debussy’s Claire de Lune (and yes, I know everyone’s calling it Edward’s Theme in Twilight – haven’t caught the film myself yet, but the music’s lovely)

And Satie’s Gymnopédie #1, simply because it’s so pretty.

I’m having a bit of a Def Leppard fest at the moment (as you might have noticed in my last post – Xavier, the hero of Book One, turned out to be a dark-haired version of Joe Elliott as he was back in 1995). I stand by the song I mentioned last time (because it’s appropriate), but there are others that found their way into the book… including the Lepps’ version of ‘Waterloo Sunset’. Check it out and see what you think.

(I love this version. My guitar teacher loathes it, but he helped me work out a version I could strum to. And I’m listening to Nirvana right now because it’s just struck me that the hero of Book Two is like a cleaner-cut version of Kurt Cobain in the Unplugged sessions…)

And finally, the song for the Black Moment – Eva Cassidy’s version of ‘Time After Time’. This song always makes me cry - and the lyrics are very appropriate for the story.

(But as my heroine plays it on the piano - here's a piano-only version, again from YouTube - beautifully played.)

So what are you listening to at the moment?

In the UK, you might be able to find a copy of Kate’s new book on the shelves (or, if not, it’ll be on the Mills & Boon website). Falling for the Playboy Millionaire is part of the Penhally Bay series - and hopefully it’ll make you want to dance as well as make you cry! Temporary Boss, Permanent Mistress is next up in Australia and the US – and RT gave Kate 4.5 stars for it... You can find out more about these books, and Kate, on her website ( and her blog (


  1. Shoutout received! And an excellent choice I might add.

    Why do I not know of this book of which you speak? Sounds fabu!

    I will now go listen to my man Jon <3

  2. Excellent choices! I'm having a Bon Jovi day today - just because I can. :o)

  3. Love Debussy. Though with that clip I was simply lusting after the instrument. I wonder if I'll ever have a what I have now though.

    In prep for my next book, have been listening to Rodrigo.

  4. Oh and for a different twist on Bed of Roses:

  5. Kim - it was a good choice, wasn't it? :D

    (And it's an old, old book under another name and I'd write it differently now... so not telling!)

  6. Shirley - LOVE the reasoning. (I'm having a Def Leppard day. But I might switch to Bon Jovi for the school run.)

  7. Donna - so what do you have now? I have a 1930s art deco upright (Roland Bros).

    Rodrigo's an interesting choice - are you setting one in Spain, then?

    And thanks for that clip. That's lovely.

  8. I don't have a specific soundtrack when I'm writing - I tend to do my writing with the TV on in the background. If I don't have the RV on the I have to admit to listening to Radio 2 or 4 - that's all.

  9. Argentina, but going for Spanish music. Rodrigo landed in my cd drive one day and it clicked.

    And I have a digital! (Technics) Actually, I love it. Fewer bells and whistles than some models, but lovely key action and sound. I tried a bunch before I was satisfied with the sound quality. LOVE how portable it is though - 100 pounds means I can move it to clean. And no tuning required is a lovely bonus as well.

    So's volume control when kids practicing starts to grate on the nerves after awhile.

    Also - have cordless headset, so if people are watching tv elsewhere, I can put them on and play to my heart's content without disturbing a soul.

    I really do love it, but I can still dream of a grand, right?

  10. Caroline - wow, am impressed that you can concentrate with the TV on. (Mind you, I live with a man who can change channels at the rate of 3000 a second - or so it feels - and it drives me crackers!)

  11. Donna - Argentina? Methinks you should watch Evita (the Banderas version) as inspiration. (Well, I would say that.) Let me know if you need tango music - I can point you to some good stuff.

    Mine weighs about four times yours - and that is why we have dust bunnies hiding behind it ;) ... mm, that's a really good point about headphones. We just have to put up with whoever's playing! (Usually littlest or me...)