Monday, November 23, 2009

Male on Monday: Team Jacob

Donna Alward is here this Monday kinda wishing she were 20 years younger so she could age-appropriately gush about Taylor Lautner - aka Jacob Black.

New Moon just opened in theatres and so the debate is on again:  Are you Team Edward or Team Jacob?

I have to admit that in the books it was Team Edward *most* of the time.  Edward is so deliciously alpha.  In New Moon Jacob is, well, a teenager.  He thinks like a teenager and acts like a teenager and at times you want to say, Jake - grow up.

BUT that being said, on a completely superficial level I have to admit:  when it comes to the movies, I just might be Team Jacob.

Even in the Twilight movie, I thought, dang.  He's cute.  I liked how he talked, I liked his relaxed manner, I liked his sense of humour.  I liked how he walked along the beach with Bella and told her the story and then laughed and said, "It's just a story, Bella". 

I haven't seen New Moon yet, but all I can say is all that cuteness "all growed up" is pretty darn attractive. The fact that he added 30 pounds of bulk so he'd be able to reprise his role of Jacob is fab.  The previews alone are awesome.  I mean I *get* all that Edward chemistry and intensity, but at the same time...well, he's kind of gangly and geeky lookin'.  *Ducks all Team Edward members*

So, instead of a bio, I thought I'd post (courtesy of IMDB) some of the trivia facts that are pretty cool.

  • Is a keen martial artist who, from the age of seven, won many karate tournaments on a local, national and international level.
  • Plays football and baseball. He enjoys watching college football and supports the Michigan Wolverines.
  • Has a younger sister named Makena.
  • Has a Maltese named Roxy.
  • Received his driver license in 2008.
  • Played football during freshman year in high school.
  • Had to start training the day after Twilight (2008/I) was finished for his role of Jacob Black in The Twilight Saga: New Moon (2009), whose transformation had to be drastic. He gained approximately 30 lbs. for the part, as promised to the director.
  • Has become close friends with Twilight (2008/I) co-star, Edi Gathegi . They have been exercising in the gym together since they finished filming the movie.
  • Close friends with Gishel Rafael, Alyson Stoner, Kristen Stewart, and Nikki Reed.
  • #1 in Access Hollywood's "Top Five Hollywood Abs".
  • One of People Magazine's 100 Most Beautiful People 2009.
  • Of French, Dutch, German, and Native American (specifically Ottawa and Potawatomi) ancestry.
So which are you?  Team Edward or Team Jacob?

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  1. I'm definitely team Edward, but not the onscreen version. Most definitely the version in my head. I dunno, but there's something about Robert Patteson that just doesn't quite ring right. Can't quite put my finger on it but I think it could be in the eyes... Jacob? Hmm, most of the time I read him I just wanted to say grow up, but then again I wanted to give Bella a darn good shake too. LOL! Have to admit I do like the bulked up onscreen Jacob in New Moon, though. What a bod! Does that officially make me a dirty old lady?

  2. Ugh, I meant Pattinson. Not Patteson. Sorry.

  3. This weekend I read both the book and saw the movie. Jacob is great (mmm - that scene where he takes his shirt off to tend to Bella is to die for!) but absolutely nothing can shift me from Team Edward. There's just something about a man who is not afraid to say to the woman he loves "you are my whole life". Now can I have one of those, please?

  4. Went to see New Moon at the weekend... And hate to admit that my appreciation of the Twilight phenomenon is waning a tad! But Jacob's shirt-stripping scene got a big round of applause at my local multi-plex and generally Jacob seemed to be getting more of a reaction from the packed house of tween girls around me.

    Myself I'm Team Edward if anything cos Pattinson is the tortured bad boy, a Brit and he's so delightfully peculiar looking. Jacob's too much of a boy, way too clean-cut and for a werewolf he's got a startling lack of chest hair. What's with that??

  5. TEAM JACOB!!! Edward annoys the bejeezers out of me.

    You asked ;).


  6. LOL Heidi but don't you think he'd look funny with a rug? (Am seeing Austin Powers type carpet).

    I do love the tats on the pack though.

    And Romy - yeah, I get that whole Edward and Bella thing. I wouldn't have wanted it to play out any other way...but that being said, it's still Jake for me.

    I just thought of it like this - Edward is more a Presents type hero and Jake is more like my cowboys. That might explain a lot.

    *Waves at Ally*

  7. My daughter states she is on the fence. Her friend who went to see NM with her is definitely Teacm Jacob. I did hear about the shirt scene in the car on the way home.

  8. I second Heidi on why I am Team Edward. Jacob (and the actor who plays him) just seem too young. I also want to shake all of them when reading the book. And that includes Edward.

    I have figured out that the age difference between me and RPatz is the same as Demi Moore and Aston Kutcher... ;-)

  9. I found while reading the books that i am definately Team Edward. He left Bella to keep her out of danger. He loved her that much.
    But yes Jacob does look hot and there is something about him being all warm (as apposed to Edward's cold touch) and touchable and more human (despite being a werewolf) that has drawn me close a few times to Team Jacob. But still Team Edward.

    Must add though, that writing the books in first person is frustration me a bit with not being able to get into Edward's head. sigh.

  10. Well, if we’re going on the characters in the book then I would have to say I’m team Edward. There’s just something about the whole tortured vampire / innocent young girl. I think it might be residual feelings for Spike, the reformed evil vampire who never got the happy ending he wanted/deserved.

    As for the film, well, if it was up to me I’d recast the Bella and Edward as I don’t think any of them live up to the characters in the book. I’d replace Kristen Stewart with Anne Hathaway, Robert Pattinson with Jake Gyllenhaal from Donnie Darko, Brokeback Mountain. He would have made a great Edward.

  11. Team Jacob definitely. Not a fan of the whole vampire genre, or Edward and the like in particular, but I can learn to like warewolves :^)