Monday, November 16, 2009

Male On Monday - My Perfect Presents Hero

Sabrina Philips is back at the PHS with her perfect Presents hero - Christiano Ronaldo! 

Being allergic to sport myself I used to avoid watching it at all costs. But when I got together with my now husband, a die-hard sports fan, there had to be a little compromise in the television department. Which was why, in summer 2006 I found myself watching the football world cup and getting suitably whipped up in the hysteria along with the rest of the country. And that was when – during the quarter final between England and Portugal – Cristiano Ronaldo first came to my attention.

And not in a good way. At first. Along with the rest of the British public I was appalled by what the press branded as his conspiracy to get Wayne Rooney (his team mate at Manchester United) sent off (he protested to the ref about a move by Rooney, and was seen infamously winking at the Portuguese bench when Rooney was indeed shown a red card, and England subsequently lost the match)

He was totally arrogant, totally ruthless, but in typical Harlequin Presents fashion, also (in my opinion) totally sexy.

When the media storm died down (the ref said his decision had nothing to do with Ronaldo, and Rooney encouraged him to stay at Man Utd when he considered leaving, following the backlash) I started to feel a little less guilty about my crush. Particularly when I caught up with the rest of the world and realised that Ronaldo is one of the best football players there has ever been.

As a result, he’s currently the highest paid player in the world, and the most expensive in footballing history since Real Madrid bought him from Manchester United for a whopping 80 million last June. But apart from the fact that he’s loaded, got an incredible physique, dark Mediterranean looks and is still undeniably arrogant, the main reason why, to me, he’s the perfect Harlequin Presents hero, is his drive and passion. When I watch a match (something I’m no longer quite so ‘allergic’ to), there’s no one else who can match him for single-minded focus. And it’s paid off - he bounced back from the media storm and has gone on to score an incredible number of goals, and deservedly win award after award for it, including World Player of the Year.

And he’s still just twenty-four. Which means, by my estimation, it won’t be long before he discovers that he has everything but it’s not worth anything without the love of a good woman …well at least that’s the way it goes when I’m writing the story!

Sabrina’s latest book, Prince of Montéz, Pregnant Mistress, hits the shelves in November in the UK, and January 2010 in North America. Check out her website for more details.


  1. Mmm, he's yummy!

    Surely, though, he's too pretty to be straight...LOL.

  2. Cristiano Ronaldo? Have always thought he has an unfeasibly long neck... And then there's also the fact that he used to play for Man U to count against him.

    But he does play some sweet footie.

  3. Interesting Sabrina-- that first picture is totally gorgeous.

    I'm currently writing another sports hero (also, co-incidentally, called Cristiano) and entirely agree with you about the aphrodisiac qualities of drive and focus. In fact, I agree with you on everything really. The boy is hot!

  4. Check out those abs! WOW.

    Sabrina, your Prince Leon was one incredible alpha.....loved the book!

    Waving to India, the rugby series you were involved with, fab so I can't wait for another sports hero.

  5. Thank you for commenting girls and apologies for being absent yesterday - we've been having a power cut at home ever since Saturday night and still no electricity! Currently in internet cafe, absolute nightmare!

    Glad you agree about Cristiano's hot-ness factor Kea - and apparently he IS straight - result! Heidi and India - in some pics he definitely looks better than others but his intensity just has me permanently hooked! Can't wait to read your sporty hero India! And thanks for your kind words about Leon, Marilyn, I'm delighted you enjoyed him :)

    Here's hoping my heat, light and internet returns soon...