Monday, November 02, 2009

Male on Monday :: GEEKS!

Silhouette Romantic Suspense author Sharron McClellan sneaks over to The Pink Heart Society to talk about her favorite kind of Male On Monday -- The Geeky Hero-Then and Now.

Geeks. Nerds. Trekkie. Or Techie. Whatever you call them, geeks are the new hotness.

Now, I have always loved nerdy males. Smart men are a turn on and whoever said that sex was mostly in the head wasn’t lying. So, one can only imagine what naughty, creative thoughts a nerd has rambling through his big ole’ noggin.

What I like about these guys is that most of them are like Clark Kent. They’re nice. They take out the garbage. Face it, when you’re down with the flu this is the guy you wants at your bedside because he will bring you soup and take care of you.

But that doesn’t make them weak. In fact, it makes them a little scarier and stronger, IMHO. No one expects the nerd to don the big-bad Alpha hat. But once the ones they care for are in threatened, look out—the good-guy suit is coming off and a geek will do whatever it takes to protect the ones he loves whether it’s using his MacGyver smarts or picking up a Glock and blowing someone away.

GEEKS THEN: The first Geeky Bad Ass

Richard Dean Anderson/Angus MacGyver

The original geek turned hero, MacGyver didn’t use guns. But he could use a paperclip and a stick of gum to disarm a bomb and save the girl. He was crazy creative, smarter than any two men put together and was a total bad ass. Plus, he made duct-tape a household word.

Hot then—mullet and all. Just a hot now!

GEEKS NOW: The New Geeky Bad Ass -- Zachary Levi/Chuck

Staring in the television show “Chuck”, Zachary Levi is the new nerdy hero. An “average” nerd, he’s turned into “super geek” when he opens an encoded email and ALL government secrets are downloaded into his brain.

Besides being wicked smart (and that’s even before the secrets were stuffed into his brain), he’s kind and I love a kind man. Plus, he’s funny. Tall. Has a great head of hair. And who could ignore that devastating, disarming smile! I think I am in love with him.

As far as fighting…. I’d be thrilled to have him guard my back. Whether it’s using his skills at Apache Commander (a computer game) to land a helicopter or using his knowledge of James Bond movies to cut the right wire on the bomb, he comes through in the end. And when the bad guys are in jail and the chaos is over, he brings you pizza just the way you like it. YUM!

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  1. Brawn - okay. Brains and brawn together? Sexay!

  2. Hilarious post, Sharron! Like you've pointed out so well, I think the key to writing a successful geek hero in romance is to make sure he's fully capable of going alpha on someone when needed. (Suzanne Brockmann had this character named Dave who was totally like that.)

    I had no idea MacGyver's first name was Angus--and I watched that show ALL the time!

  3. The combination of brains and brawn is ideal, but I'd definitely take brains (and kindness) over brawn any day. Add a sense of humor and I'm gone, baby. Example: Hardison on the TV show "Leverage."

    Ex. #2: my own brainy guy : )

    Great post, Sharron. Romance needs more geeks!

  4. Thanks ladies.And I totally forgot Hardison--he's a great geek. Hot and smart and I do love smart men.

  5. Gotta love the geeks. My favourite ever book geek has to be the hero of Jane Anne Krentz's book Trust Me. He doesn't fight (he's obsessed with fractals) but he does save Desdemona by giving her a hand held computer for her birthday (this is back in the last century when such thing were the preserve of the seriously rich) and teaching her how to use it.