Saturday, October 10, 2009

Wildcard Weekend: High School Reunions

Pamela Ford discusses the pain and pleasure that is The High School Reunion

I missed my high school reunion last July because I had a conflict. But even without a conflict, I was conflicted about going. Why is it that getting an invitation to our high school reunion can send fear into even the most successful, self-assured women? What is it about going back to see old classmates that can send us into a dither, making feeble excuses why we can’t possibly attend, dieting, getting Botox, changing hairstyles, exercising like crazy, you name it. Is it because, seeing old friends, we fall into old insecurities about who’s popular and who’s not – and this time around, darn it all, we’re going to be cool…and successful…and someone to be envied. Or, is it that we feel the reunion is going to be a “life report card,” with people making assessments about how well we’ve done in life…and we want to make sure, this time at least, we get really good grades.

That’s what happens to the heroine in my newest book, Her Best Bet. Faced with an invitation to her ten-year reunion, she panics over attending the reunion as a lowly traffic manager. Instead, she decides to pursue her long-buried dream of becoming a filmmaker, and sets off to make a documentary about an old Wisconsin lodge and its gangster history.

Of course, the funny thing about dreams – especially high school dreams – is that they often change. Mine sure did. Sometimes what we think we want most isn’t really what we want at all. Did that happen to you? Did attending one of your reunions – or the mere thought of attending a reunion – send your life in a different direction? If you have a reunion story worth sharing – funny, dramatic, romantic, or just plain interesting, please share it with us!

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  1. I went to my high school reunion got to say that I had a blast. Glad I went I think everyone should go to at least their 10-year reunion. It was nice seeing old friends which most have not changed at all but I will say that most of them have done pretty well for themselves.
    I think some people might not want to go because of maybe all the pressure saying what you do now or are you married with children when the reunion is supposed to be about reconnection with old friends from high school. Well that is the way I look at it. Yet if people are thinking of what other people think of them don't you think they are thinking the same thing? I'm looking forward to my 20-year now that one will be fun.

  2. We don't have high-school renunions in the UK (or not in my neck of the woods) probably because we're not that organised and high-school (or secondary school) isn't really a big deal here.

    But I did get on to Friends Reunited recently and what struck me was that I couldn't remember half the people on it...Clearly I went through a large part of my teens with my head in the clouds... Did get in touch with one of the guys I used to hang out with, though, and he invited me out for lunch. I have to admit I totally chickened out, because I'd had this monster crush on him when we were teenagers... On the one hand I wanted to remember him as he was (all surly and sexy and seventeen) and on the other I wanted him to remember me as I was then too... I figured if we met again, we were either going to be very disappointed.. Or things could get very dangerous indeed!!

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  4. I went to my 5-year and 10-year and missed a few since then. I talked to a friend who went to the reunion last summer and she kept naming people she saw and, like Heidi, I was having trouble picturing who they were. Of course my high school class had about 650 people in it, so there were a lot of people in my class I didn't know even when I was in high school. That's my excuse and I'm standing by it!

    Pam Ford