Friday, October 23, 2009

Must Watch Friday...or not

In which Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke begs to never be assigned a Friday again!

When you say that you don't watch much TV or make it to the movies people tend to think it's a political choice, or a statement about your IQ. But's not. I don't have weekend babysitters or a desire to take a toddler to the no movies. I use those prime-time TV hours to work, so I never know who is sleeping with whom on Grey's Anatomy. We don't even watch the news because we don't want the kids to catch something that might give them nightmares, so we read the newspaper.

Weekends the TV gets a workout changing channels between football (or basketball, or golf, or...) games, and I try to get some work done. So far this work has been largely unpacking, but soon I'll actually write something.

I'd love to be able to lose myself in a movie or a half hour sitcom, but it will be a few years until then. I don't really watch TV, not because I think it's a waste of time, but because I don't have the time!

Someday...I want a comfy couch, a snuggie, a remote, and a day all to myself :)

Jenna is not writing much of anything, and won't be until September October November. In the meantime, Compromising Positions is available with chocolate, Kama Sutra yoga, a decade old crush and a steady addiction to sugar. To find out what Jenna is up to now...check out her website or blog.


  1. The TV is the writer's worst enemy isn't it? I don't watch a lot, but it's still far too much. I have to try and take your lead and give it up--it's very smart.

  2. LOL Jenna. I still totally think you should have done The Wiggles. Or Sesame Street.

    Actually Sami - I think the tv is a writer's ally. When I watch tv, it's always with an eye for story, structure, what works and what doesn't. It helps me with my writing immensely!

    I just have to keep it balanced, that's all.

  3. Oh, gosh, what a relief! I could have written that post, and I get some funny looks when I say I don't watch television much either And gosh, isn't there an awful lot not worth watching!