Monday, October 05, 2009

Male On Monday

A post in which Jenna Bayley-Burke admits to her HGTV addiction, and shows why.

I bored everyone who would listen with my house staging saga, moving mania, and new home conundrums. Now we're stelled and one would think I'd be done. But NO. No, no, no... I can't give it up. I don't need it anymore, not in the way I once did, and yet, I can't go a day without tuning in.

Home & Garden Television and the DIY Network got me through a turbulent year. They are a comfort to me. OK, so they're littered with man candy. Capable man candy. Not musclebound gym rats who strike a pose (though these guys can hold their own) but men who have earned their confident grin.

Imagine, no disaster is too daunting for these guys. Clogged sink? Fixed. Want a new shower head installed. Not a problem. And while we're at it, let's just renovate the bathroom. Can't you just see one of them saying "Precious, you go to the spa. Come home tomorrow and it will all be done." THAT would make me swoon.

I spent the weekend judging contest entries and it hit me that a gorgeous hero doesn't work if he isn't capable. Yes, the square jaw and sparkling eyes don't hurt, but it is what's beyond that which speaks to the reader. We want him to be handsome AND able to make our heroine's life better for having him in it.

That is the challenge of a romance author. Not to describe a gorgeous man in every mouthwatering detail, but to make him a man who can handle what needs to be done - shirt optional.

Jenna is not writing much of anything, and won't be until September October. In the meantime, Compromising Positions is available with chocolate, Kama Sutra yoga, a decade old crush and a steady addiction to sugar. To find out what Jenna is up to now...check out her website or blog.


  1. Eye candy galore! Phew pass me a fan. Those 5 packs are something else! Take care. Caroline x

  2. Opps! Meant to say 6 pack!!! But 5 pack made me giggle! Take care. Caroline x