Monday, October 19, 2009

Male on Monday: Alexis Papas

Michelle Styles discovers a new face and a hot commericial...because a picture can be worth a thousand words, particularly when you are doing revisions!

Ok, sometimes you see a face that just deserves to launch a thousand romance stories.

Greek model Alexis Papas who stars in the new Davidoff Hot Water campaign is one of those men.

He exudes a certain quality.

And well... very little is known about the model. He works for Ford Models Europe -- Homme and is 6' 2" with brown hair and green eyes. He wears size 11 1/2 shoes.

Or at least that I could my limited time. But inspiration does not mean you have to know that much about him. He's Greek. He has high cheek bones and broad shoulders. He stars in an incredibly hot advertising campaign.

And so after hearing about him from Judy Jarvie, I let Kate Hardy know who happened to share him with Heidi Rice and other MH authors.
The Davidoff Hot Water commerical should be required viewing for anyone interested in writing for series romance or indeed studying sexual tension. There is a certain chemistry between the couple. The female model is Alyssa Miller btw.

But there is something about his eyes that reminds me of the early Presents novels that I used to read as a teenager.

Here is that Davidoff Hot Water commerical in case anyone is interested:

And if you have not had enough pictures of Alexis Papas, here are some more for you to research:

If anyone knows more, I'd be delighted to hear...

Michelle Styles is currently hard at work on revising an early Victorian romance but she knows good eye candy when she sees it! Her next book The Viking's Captive Princess is published in December.


  1. Ummm, as it happens I'm in need of some inspiration at the moment...

    This guy is so gorgeous and OMG that is one hot commercial... I stuck it up on my blog and got more hits in a day than I'd had in a month!!

    So thanks for sharing him around Michelle. I think his mystery makes him more appealing. It's always a bit of a sad moment when you discover some gorgeous guy is an airhead! This way we never have to be disillusioned..

  2. Oooh Michelle, you've saved me hours of procrastination!

    Finding out who the Davidoff model is was top of the 'to do' list today after Him Indoors pointed the ad out in Top Gear Magazine.

    And he's Greek too!

    I think I can now safely have a good half an hour's ogle on Youtube, so thanks for making my day!

    Lots of love,


  3. Hi Five Michelle! He is gorgeous and I'm glad you agree.
    So impressed to get a mention on PHS!
    And very glad I spied his poster on a shopping expedition (though the harrassed mother pushing buggy in the rain was light years away from Alexis and his heady world of heat!)

  4. Glad it has helped!

    Heidi -- I was going to do someone else for MoM but then I saw Papas on Judy Jarvie's blog and knew he had to be done as it were. I also told Kate H about him as well he is just inspiring.
    But you are so right that sometimes you want to fill in the blanks rather than know everything.

  5. Michelle, Thank you for cheering my day!

  6. Oh that was EXACTLY what I needed to start my morning.

    I had to shut my mouth after watching that had dropped open. LOL

  7. Oh it is good to be cheering up people's day. That little added extra to start Monday morning.

  8. Phew! He is serious eye candy. Lovely. Made my Monday. Thanks. Take care. Caroline x

  9. Glad to make your Monday Caroline. It is not often I discover eye candy of that calibar.

  10. I know I am late in the game, but he is truly one impressive man. His could very well be my inspiration. If any one is in meed of some beautiful body, check out youtubes greek god section or beautiful males. Ther will be a lot of...handsome men from which to select. LOL
    have a good week.