Thursday, September 03, 2009

What Are You Reading On?

What would you do if you had to pack up all your books. All of them. Pink Heart Society editor Jenna Bayley-Burke faced down this unmentionable terror, and has come up with an action plan...

We spent our summer selling a house, looking for a house, and moving. The sale and the move did not line up. To the kids, I played our temporary homelessness off as a big adventure, a vacation even. But what terrified me was my lack of books.

Reading is my comfort, my escape...OK, maybe my addiction. A bookshelf crammed full of titles to be read and already loved brings a peaceful contentment to my life. A world where the only thing to read is the room service menu and the obligatory King James made me itch.

So, I managed to sneak a few books into our cramped suitcases and hotel room. I couldn't stop myself. But it got me thinking, there has to be a better way. (Insert head thwack here.) Ebooks!

I'll always crave a cup of tea, a cozy chair, and a paperback whose pages turn. But it's not exactly on par with my life right now. I'm on the go, toting kiddos here, there, and anywhere, and my books get ruined more than they get read. (Yes, I'm one of THOSE who doesn't like to bend the spine or curl the corners of pages) What if I had something I could leave in my purse (or diaperbag, or minivan) that had a virtual library at my fingertips?

I've been shopping, trying to decide exactly what will work best for me.

Kindle? Great features, no versatility.

iPod Touch? This one has me hooked, but the small screen isn't reeling me in just yet. It can do so many things, plus it has a touch screen...and it fits in your pocket...and it has wifi, internet, email, games, calendar, weather, calculator, music, photos...not sure I could read a whole book on that screen, though...

Sony Reader? This seems to react best to multiple formats for ebooks, but it doesn't have a touch screen...

Sony Touch? Adds in the touch screen, but not all the apps of the iPod Touch.

Sony Daily? Sony's answer to Kindle...with a Kindle sized price...

Decisions, decisions...

Any ebook reader owners out there care to chime in?

Jenna is not writing much of anything, and won't be until September. In the meantime, Compromising Positions is available with chocolate, Kama Sutra yoga, a decade old crush and a steady addiction to sugar. To find out what Jenna is up to now...check out her website or blog.


  1. I use a Kindle DX from, and I love it! Yes, the only ebooks for the Kindle come from Amazon, and I admit I don't like that, but I love the thing anyway. I looked at a Sony 505, but it just didn't win me over. Too small, for one thing. The Kindle DX has a larger screen that I like better. Plus, I can get around 3,500 books on the Kindle DX, give or take a few. I tried using my BlackBerry with the recent B&N ebook reader and hated it. The BB is WAY too small, and the B&N software was ... well, I hated it, both on the BB and on the PC. Kindle rocks! :+)


  2. Oh please, please, please come back and let us know what you purchased and why! I'm in the same boat! Purchasing ebooks at the moment to read them on my laptop - but I can't cart that around when I'm doing the kiddie run!

    I was also thinking about the iPod seeing as I'm used to it already for music but if the screen is so small I also don't know ...

    Good luck with your decision!

  3. A reader of mine has a Sony e-reader and I fell in love with it when she showed it to me at a signing.

    I haven't spent the money on it yet...all my e-books I read using adobe digital editions and I read them on my eee pc, which is cool because the screen is a great size, and yet the eee is small enough I can put it in my purse AND I can write/surf on it. I like that versatility. Now, I couldn't fit it in a coat pocket but I can in a handbag and that's cool with me. Plus it means I'm not spending more money at the mo.