Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Travel Tuesday - Linda Ford

Please welcome Linda Ford with a delicious post for Travel Tuesday!

Travel. A guilty pleasure or necessary research? To soothe my conscience, I claim the latter. Let’s see, there was a trip to Montana to see it for myself when an editor said she wanted three of my books set in the States. Yes, definitely research even though I loved it.

And then there have been trips to historic ranches of Alberta. Again, double duty travel.
Even North and South Dakota constituted writing research. 300 miles of NOTHING wasn’t so great as I crossed the southern tip of Alberta and across the north of North Dakota. But it was an adventure. And the things I found at the end of the journey made it worth the long miles.

Vancouver provided a welcome break from winter as I attended a writing workshop. And San Francisco was another workshop-excuse for travel.

But Paris? I did lots of ‘research’. Sure I did. I studied all sorts of things. See the cute fireman who posed for me on the Eiffel Tower where he and his buddies were practicing rappelling up and down the heights. I can’t imagine ever having to rescue someone but just in case…

There were lots of other ‘studies’ as well.

I observed all sorts of romantic poses. Paris truly is a city for love. I’m certain I learned lots that I can apply to my writing.

But apart from the serious study I partook of I refilled my creative well. So much color. So many temptations.

I inhaled the creative energy of the place and observed artists at work. I saw the pink light Paris is famous for and sat at the café where Hemingway worked.

Oh who am I trying to fool? Paris is a delight for the senses and laden with creative energy. I’m sure it stimulated my senses and could thus qualify as being writing-related but I wouldn’t need the excuse of work or research to go back. It’s a city to enjoy. It’s truly a guilty pleasure.

Linda Ford’s next release in Dakota Child, out September 09. She hopes the romance between the pages will provide her readers with a few guilty pleasures. You can visit her web site at http://www.lindaford.org/


  1. Your September book looks yummy, Linda. Can't wait.

  2. I love to travel, too, Linda. :-)How great to be a writer who gets to use the beautiful places she visits in her books. Can't wait to ready Dakota's Child!

  3. Went to Paris this weekend and it was fabulous... lots of 'research'. I mean I have to know where the heroine will shop don't I? And the best places for resting between shops to drink champagne? I think I might have to go back soon just to check I got all the details exactly right (and to visit my favourite earring shop again)

  4. Oh, Linda...

    Paris and Firemen??? Now that's just soooo not fair. I love the cover of Dakota Child. I mean, really, who can resist and strong man holding a baby?


  5. Carla, great to see you here. You too, Cheryl. Biddy, you got to go to Paris for the weekend? How lucky. And hi, Renee. I love the cover on Dakota Child even though my hero has blond curly hair. So far I've had no comments about this.