Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Temptation Tuesday - Shopping with the Girls

Having spent my childhood as a tomboy I didn’t come to the shopping thing until my late teens. And it has only been in the last few years that I have come to enjoy the fun of shopping with the girls.

These trips are wonderful bonding sessions and celebrations of female friendship. Sometimes the trips are near home and sometimes they are further a field. Those trips nearer to home usually start with lunch. Maybe at the Manicomio in Duke of York Square on London’s Kings Road. A few glasses of wine to limber us up before we hit the shops.

And what is wonderful about shopping with your friends is the camaraderie, the way you can try on different clothes and accessories that you wouldn’t try on your own and sometimes the risks pay off. I think this is sometimes like having critique partners, you try different writing and you show it to trusted friends who give you that feedback that you really should try that new thing. Or sometimes that head shake that stops you from making a fool of yourself.

So you shop and after every couple of purchases you find a bar to stop in and take a glass or two of champagne. There you will ooo and ahhh over everything you’ve bought. And then it is off to shop again.

The other fun thing about shopping with the girls is the way you have strength in numbers when you want to go into those posh and expensive shops that you know you can’t afford but you love to look at. With my gang we have wandered round Hermes and tried on handbags worth thousands. We have tried on shoes that would have covered my mortgage payments. And once we even tried on jewellery that I would need a lottery win to afford. And you know what I call it? Research!

Now if I could persuade the tax man that all shopping trips and purchases are legitimate business expenses then I could feel better about some of my recent purchases. The purple suede shoe boots were necessary as were the earrings but I’m not sure I can justify the leopard print trilby hat.

Biddy is currently working on her book whilst wearing her fetching new hat. She is available for London shopping trips for purely research purposes if anyone fancies it.

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  1. I hate going out for shoping with females....still I have to...(girlfriend, sister, friends, mother)....coz I just have to move behind with bags and answer the questions which they don't want to be answered......