Friday, September 18, 2009

Must Watch Friday - Bones

Tracy Wolff joins us today looking forward to premiere season and the return of a favorite program!

I have to admit, I’m not big on television—not because I have anything against prime time TV, but because I have three children in the house and our TV is usually tuned to Disney/Cartoon Network/PBS Kids/Nick Jr …you get the idea. In fact, in the last couple of years it’s been so bad that I’m lucky if I get an hour of television viewing a week—namely Wed. nights at 9—Top Chef or Project Runway).

But a few weeks ago, while I was cleaning out my closet and the drawers in my bedroom, I got hooked on Bones, the Fox series based on the bestselling books by Kathryn Reichs. And when I say hooked, I mean really, really hooked. Like the drawers were finished and I was still watching hooked. Like dinner has been late every day this week because I’m watching TNT’s 6 o’clock showing of Bones hooked. Like I ran out and bought five of the books the series was based on hooked (I’m currently reading Monday Mourning). Totally, crazily, absolutely hooked—and I’m not sure why.

Sure, I love suspense/thrillers—in books, in movies, in TV shows. The three single title novels I’ve written so far are all suspense novels and my kids were all born addicted to the Law and Order theme song. And sure, I love sexual chemistry (what romance novelist doesn’t?) But the last few weeks, my interest in Bones has transcended both of these things, as well as my interest in forensic shows and has gone deeper into the realm of character study and how characters affect the plot.

As a writer, there’s nothing I like more than watching a character develop over time—which is one of the reason TV shows are so great. You get to watch a character change over two, three, even six seasons. You get to watch them evolve.

And as I watch random episodes from different seasons of Bones, this is exactly what I get. One day I get to watch Bones and Seely adjust to being partners and on another day, five years later, I get to watch Bones ask Seely to be the father of her baby—in a strictly platonic way, however.

Yeah, right.

Anyway, my must watch for the month, the year and possibly the decade, is Bones. Snappy, smart, captivating and just a little bit cruel, it’s a show that has something for everyone. And with the season finale leaving me on tenterhooks, I’m more than ready for the fall line-up to swing into action!
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  1. Bones is one of our favorites. My DD and I are hooked on the relationship between Bones and Seely. They are the perfect couple and aren't together. The inner conflict in the premiere was awesome. But very frustrating.